The Creoles Fight For Freedom From Spai

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The Creoles fight for freedom from Spain. Earlier movements were in the US, France, Haiti. The Latin American movement happened in the early 19th century.

Why were the creoles so interested in leading the movement? The creoles had three main reasons why they wanted to lead the fight for independence. The three reasons were political control, economic control, and social control. The creoles believed they should have the political power. The creoles had a “complicated” position (Doc A).

The creoles were people of pure Spanish blood who were born in America.

The peninsular were people born in Spain who migrated to colonies. Since the peninsular were born in Spain they have more power they got the administrative and political jobs. But the creoles had more social power (Doc B). The creoles influence growing made them want to be the rule Latin America. The creoles wanted economic control so they led the fight for independence.

The Spanish had a monopoly system that combined taxes and official fees.

The Spanish used this on the colonies that made them charge high prices and force the colonies to produce what the Spanish wanted (Doc C). The creoles thought the monopoly system was not fair and thought they could do a better job. The creoles thought the peninsular should have done a better job to stop the unemployment rate during the drought (Doc D).

The creoles led that fight because they wanted to make sure the colonies were rich. The creoles led the fight because they thought if they didn’t there would be social unrest.

They didn’t like the way the way hidalgo led the messiest to fight the Spanish (Doc E). The creoles thought they should be ruling and not the people who thought inferior (Doc F). The creoles hated the peninsular and did not want people who had low social status to share their power. The creoles led the fight for independence because they wanted political control, economic control, and social control.

They were successful in getting independence but they did not want the revolution to go too far.

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