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I populating in Russia. love our state and is proud of it. The official name of our state is The Republic of the Russian Federation there are 21 democracies and 65 other parts in the Russian Federation. The cardinal symbol of Russia is the troika. The Nation authorities of Russia consist of the President. the Council of Ministers and Federal Assembly. There are two houses in the Federal Assembly: The Federal Council and the State Duma. The population of Russia is about 145000000. The ecological state of affairs in Russia is non really safe. Pollution in some industrial towns is high. Some parts of western Russia were severely influenced by the radiation from Chernobyl in 1986. Russia is located in Northern hemisphere. in the North of continent Eurasia. She is washed by Waterss of Silent and Arctic oceans. and besides Baltic. Black. Azov by the seas of Atlantic ocean and Caspian sea. More than 70 % of district of Russia are occupied by fields and Lowlandss. In the South of the European portion northern ridges of the Big Caucasus ( here there is the highest top of Russia – Elbrus. 5 642 ) In Russia more than 120 1000 rivers and about 2 million lakes.

The largest rivers: the Cupid. Lena. Yenisei. Irtysh. Ob. Volga. Kama ; the largest lakes – Caspian seas. Baikal. Ladoga. Onega. Position of Russia in northern portion of Eurasia has caused her placing in Arctic. subarctic. moderated and partly in semitropical climatic belts. The prevalent portion of district is located in a moderate belt. A assortment of a clime depends besides on characteristics of a alleviation and affinity or farness of ocean. Forests occupy over 40 % of district. In district of Russia there is a 5th portion of all forests of the universe and half of universe cone-bearing forests. The zoology is assorted – here live both polar bears. and seahorses. both Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelams. and leopards. etc. In Russia 35 national Parkss and 84 militias are located. Unique in the state the natural park which is in metropolis boundaries — Omsk «the Bird’s harbour» .

Moscow – the capital of Russia and one of the world’s great metropoliss. Yuri Dolgoruky founds Moscow in 1147. Today Moscow is the political Centre of Russia. the county’s taking metropolis in population. industry and in civilization importance. Moscow is decidedly a metropolis of contrasts. So rich in many ways. yet in other ways. rather hapless. Moscow stands on the Moskva River in the Centre of huge field of European Russia. The clime is Continental. Moscow is the largest industrial Centre of Russia. The most of import industries are those bring forthing cars and trucks. machine tools. wireless and telecasting sets. The most of import component in Moscow’s metropolis conveyance is the metro metro. The system was began in 1935 and still developing. Some of the Stationss. particularly the older 1s. are extremely decorate with marble. statues and mosaics.

Moscow is a metropolis where a batch can be seen and much can be done. You can seen: Red Square. St. Basil’s Cathedral. The Momunent to Minin and Pozharsky. Lobnoye Metro. The Spasskay Tower. The Lenin Mausoleum. The State History Museum. The State Department Store ( GUM ) and many other topographic points. Moscow has legion theatres. headed by the State Academic Bolshoi Theatre. which was founded in 1825. The city’s chief play theater is the Moscow Art Theatre. Besides of the worldwide celebrity are the State Central Puppet Theatre and Moscow State Circus. Moscow has some museums and art galleries of international rank. Among them are the State Pushkin of Fine Arts. with a all right international aggregation. and the State Tretyakov Gallery with an first-class aggregation of Russian pictures. Moscow is one of the metropoliss of the universe that must be seen.

Russia has produced a great figure of really originative and gifted people. for illustration: Alexander Pushkin. Peter Tchaikovsky. Isaac Levitan. Georgy Zhykov. Yuti Gagarin. Andrei Sakharov. Boris Godunov. Vladimir Lenin. Vladimir Putin and e. t. c. Theatrical public presentations. museums and image galleries in fact all facets of Russian unrecorded prove that. The Russians are much interested it the remainder of the universe. Russian people are really hospitable. hardworking. friendly. unfastened. honest. generous. sort. sometimes sentimental. sometimes careless. frequently unsmiling. holding bold manners. sometimes lazy and selfish. Russian love animate beings. particularly Canis familiariss and Equus caballuss. Russian cultural degree is rather high. Russian people like to read books. to see theatres. museums and different concerts. We are the state of athletics lovers because our people like different sorts of athleticss and pass a batch of clip traveling in for athletics or merely watching it. Many Russian are spiritual people.

The chief church is the Russian Orthodox Church. It has survived the difficult times and now people speak about a metempsychosis of faith in the state. Russian maintain our traditions because there are tonss of traditions which have been maintained from ancient clip. Russian national vacations — the vacations of Russian people connected with widespread national traditions of their transporting out. New twelvemonth ( in the dark from December. 31st for January. 1st ) . It is accepted to adorn a premiss the decorated New Year tree or subdivisions. At midnight for January. 1st the felicitation of the caput of the province and roll of bells obeys. On a tabular array it is accepted to subject. among other. a Russian salad and bubbly. To kids give gifts ( from “Father Frost” ) . Harmonizing to sociological polls. it is the most famed vacation.

Christmas ( on January. 7th on new manner and on December. 25th on þëèàíñêîìó to a calendar ) — an Orthodox vacation. At dark before Christmas it is accepted to think that was ne’er approved by Orthodox church. The vacation is marked by a grave celebratory supper. The tradition to tag Christmas is officially restored in Post-Soviet Russia. Day of the guardian of Fatherland ( on February. 23rd ) — widely celebrated man’s vacation established at the Soviet power. and in Post-Soviet Russia become in the twenty-four hours off. Women congratulate work forces and give them gifts. Praises are accepted besides by women-military work forces. and besides participants of wars. The international women’s twenty-four hours ( on March. 8th ) — female vacation officially established still at the Soviet power became in public marked. Men congratulate adult females. give them flowers and gifts.

Maslenitsa ( Pancake hebdomad ) — hebdomad before the Lent. Has antediluvian heathen roots. During all hebdomad bake and eat battercakes. Easter — an Orthodox vacation. Celebratory meal — Easter ( cottage cheese with sugar-coated fruits ) . Easter bars. coloured in ruddy coloring material and welded eggs. Victory Day over Hitlerite Germany ( on May. 9th ) — an official All-Russia vacation. It is accepted to see burial topographic points of the soldiers who were lost during the Second World War. and to retrieve the fallen. Veterans put on awards and decorations and accept praises. This twenty-four hours on Red Square military parade is spent. Celebratory actions last old ages are decorated by yellow-black Guards tapes.

Day of national integrity ( on November. 4th ) . A Victory Day of Russian over the Polish encroachers in 1612. This twenty-four hours across all Russia Russian patriots spend Russian March. The greatest love of Russia is for tea – it’s rummy without milk and frequently served with homemade jam ( varen’e ) . baranki and pirogi. The mail dishes of the traditional bill of fare are blini ( homemade battercakes ) with caviar. honey or rancid creme ; different soups ( like shci and borsch ) . pirogi. pelmyeni. Normally tourists buy traditional Russian keepsakes such as Martyoshka dolls. attractively painted mugs. home bases and spoons from the small town of Khokhloma and Palekh boxes.

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