The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger Essay

Holden Caulfield in. The Catcher in the Rye. written by J. D. Salinger. lives a troubled life of non truly caring about the reverberations of his actions. Holden’s beliefs on life are really narrow minded and he is really judgmental of everyone around him. Holden besides has a strong belief that largely everyone in the universe is a hypocrite. This ties into Holden’s wants of going a backstop in the rye when he is older.

In the hereafter Holden wants to go the backstop in the rye to salvage kids from falling into the rye. This thought of making this came into Holden’s head after hearing the verse form by Robert Burns. Holden thinks that the verse form says “If a organic structure catch a organic structure comin’ through the rye. ” but the existent words is “If a organic structure meet a organic structure. coming through the rye. ”The original verse form is about two grownups meeting in the rye. Holden misconstrues this line and thinks that it means person catching person in the rye. which Holden wants to make.

Holden wants to stand on the border of the drop and catch the kids from falling. This is symbolic of Holden desiring to salvage himself along with other kids holding to turn up in a universe that he believes to be bogus. Holden wants to catch the childs before they lose their artlessness and autumn into an grownup universe with grownup beliefs. By Holden desiring to be The Catcher in the Rye. it is symbolic throughout the book and how he doesn’t want to turn up and attempts to avoid everyone who is hypocrite. He doesn’t want kids to lose their artlessness because it is something pure that merely lasts temporarily.

Holden’s want to be the “catcher in the rye” is important to explicating who Holden is as a individual. After the reader finds out what Holden wants to go when he is older you get a better apprehension of Holden and his beliefs. In a universe that is all bogus to him. he merely wants to populate. Even though he may non desire to ache any feelings. he comes off really ill-mannered. Allies decease was a turning point in Holden’s life and changed everything. This truly troubles Holden and is shown throughout the narrative. such as when he no longer cares about his surveies or school. Allies decease causes him to go really troubled in life and ignore the good of his ain life.

When Holden says he wants to be the backstop in the rye. non merely does he desire to salvage childs artlessness but he doesn’t want to confront grownup goon every bit good. Populating in a bogus universe will destroy the artlessness of kids that doesn’t last everlastingly. As the reader can see. Holden is a really troubled male child turning up in a “phony” universe. A child desiring to protect kids from losing artlessness will go on when Holden becomes the Catcher in the rye. As a symbolic subject throughout the whole book it is a symbol of Holden non desiring to turn up every bit good.

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