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1. Commerce: An inherently utile and comparatively scarce touchable point ( article, trade good, stuff, ware, supply, wares ) produced from agricultural, building, fabrication, or excavation activities. Harmonizing to the UN Convention on Contract for the International Sale of Goods, the term ‘good ‘ does non include ( 1 ) points bought for personal usage, ( 2 ) points bought at an auction or foreclosure sale, ( 3 ) aircraft or oceangoing vass.

2. Economicss: A trade good or a physical, touchable point that satisfies some human want or need, or something that people find utile or desirable and do an attempt to get it. Goods that are scarce ( are in limited supply in relation to demand ) are called economic goods, whereas those whose supply is limitless and that require neither payment nor attempt to get, ( such as air ) are called free goods. ‘

Sometimes services are hard to place because they are closely associated with a good ; such as the combination of a diagnosing with the disposal of a medical specialty. No transportation of ownership or ownership takes topographic point when services are sold, and they ( 1 ) can non be stored or transported, ( 2 ) are immediately perishable, and ( 3 ) come into being at the clip they are bought and consumed.

Relationship between good and services:

A demand is something indispensable that we must hold to last. A privation is something that is n’t indispensable to survival, but which we would wish to hold if we can.

We get the things we need ( and when possible, the things we want ) through the exchange of goods and services. Goods are points. Anything from a pencil to a computing machine to a box of spaghetti is a good. Servicess are things that people do. Driving a coach, cut downing a lawn, being a physician, working as a constabulary officer – all of these occupations are types of services.

( Kagan, 2012 )

What are goods and services oriented concern:

A service-oriented concern is one that provides a service to its clients or clients. Businesss and other endeavors by and large are classified by whether they provide goods or services. Those that provide goods include farms, mines and makers. Banks, retail shops and communications media are all illustrations of service-oriented concerns. Such concerns form the service industry, which represents a major sector of the economic system in developed states.

Most analysts classify economic, or money-generating, systems by how they operate. Systems based on natural resources, such as agribusiness, logging and excavation, are called the primary sector, used in phrases such as “ primary sector occupations. ” Manufacturing concerns such as mills are considered the secondary sector, and the service industry is sometimes called the Tertiary sector. A simpler division is the normally heard phrase “ goods and services. ” In this analysis, the first two economic sectors represent “ goods, ” and everything else is a service. By any calculation, service-oriented concerns contribute to a major part of the planetary economic system.

( what is services concern? , 2012 )

Name of the services oriented organisation:

Aviation companies:

Air New Zealand

British air passages


Thai air passages

China air passages



This paper air hoses

Fly emirates

Communication sector:




Food industries:

McDonald ‘s



Pizza hut


Burger male monarch

Cleaning services companies:


Fresh N fresh

Harmonizing to the instance survey we find that Brussels airdrome is a service orientated administration.

For illustration: airdrome supplying the services installations such as: ” snow-clearing vehicles, the catering providers van, the air power fuel trucks, the luggage dawdlers, coachs transporting crews and riders, security constabulary autos ”

Question 2

Basically operational direction operates the all over the operational activities in the organisation.

Operation direction:

If we talk about in simple word the significance of the operations direction are activities that relate to the creative activity of goods and services through the transmutation of inputs to end products.

Categorization of Airport Activities. Operational activities on at Brussels airdrome:

1. Air traffic control

2. Meteorologic services

3. Telecommunication

4. Polices and security

5. Fire, ambulance and first assistance services

6. Runway, apron and taxi strip care

7. Aircraft cleansing

8. Provision of power and fuel

9. Baggage and cargo burden and unloading

10. Processing of riders, luggage and cargo

11. Duty free stores

12. Other retailing shopping

13. Restaurants and bars

14. Leisure services

15. Hotel adjustment

16. Banks

17. Car lease and parking

18. Conference and communicating installations

19. Air traffic control

20. Weather prediction

21. Snow-clearing activity

22. Providing providers

23. Aviation fuel trucks

24. Baggage trailor, coachs

25. Security constabulary autos

26. Cleaner and maintained

27. Trains “ metropolis express ”

These are the some operational activities on at Brussel airdrome. These all activities related to each other.

Activities carried out at an airdrome may be classified into three distinguishable groups:

Essential operational services and installations, managing services and commercial activities. Alternatively, the first two are normally referred to as aeronautical services, while the later are considered non-aeronautical. Essential operational services include the air traffic control system, meteoric services, telecommunications, constabularies and security, fire, ambulance and first assistance services, and tracks, aprons, taxi strips, evidences and edifices care. These activities determine the grade of safety in airdrome operations, and therefore, are considered indispensable and at the nucleus of the airdrome concern. Handling services refer to a great assortment of activities. We can separate between those that are straight related to the aircraft ( land and rage managing ) , such as cleansing, the proviso of power and fuel, and the burden and unloading of baggage and cargo ; and those that are more traffic related ( traffic managing ) , such as the processing of riders, luggage and cargo through the terminal edifice.

Finally, commercial services involve a big assortment of different activities that may be located either at the terminal edifice or around the airdrome. Duty free stores and other retail shopping, eating houses and bars, leisure services, hotel adjustment, Bankss, auto lease and parking services, and conference and communicating installations, are illustrations of the myriad of activities that are included in the non-aeronautical set of airdrome operations

Air traffic control chiefly do the work to command the air traffic and do the agenda for flights and give the conditions updates harmonizing to these updates air power companies make his flight agenda. So air traffic control authorization operation related to endure prediction and when air traffic control do the conditions calculating behalf of conditions calculating information airdrome crew do the snow-clearing activity. So these three operational activities related to each other or in other word we can state that these three activities depend on each other.

When aeroplane arrive the airdrome cleaners and maintaince staff comes foremost for his operation after that luggage and lading unloaded and providing vehicle arrive his operation and after that fuel loaded in the plane and technichician cheques the engines control surface.

So these all operational activities is dependable to each other

Question 3

Functions of the direction in concern term:

Functions of ManagementPlanning

It is the basic map of direction. It deals with chalking out a future class of action & A ; make up one’s minding in progress the most appropriate class of actions for accomplishment of pre-determined ends. Harmonizing to KOONTZ, “ Planning is make up one’s minding in progress – what to make, when to make & amp ; how to make. It bridges the spread from where we are & amp ; where we want to be ” . A program is a future class of actions. It is an exercising in job resolution & A ; determination devising. Planning is finding of classs of action to accomplish coveted ends. Therefore, planning is a systematic thought about ways & A ; means for achievement of pre-determined ends. Planning is necessary to guarantee proper use of human & A ; non-human resources. It is all permeant, it is an rational activity and it besides helps in avoiding confusion, uncertainnesss, hazards, wastages etc.


It is the procedure of conveying together physical, fiscal and human resources and developing productive relationship amongst them for accomplishment of organisational ends. Harmonizing to Henry Fayol, “ To form a concern is to supply it with everything utile or its functioning i.e. natural stuff, tools, capital and forces ‘s ” . To form a concern involves finding & A ; supplying human and non-human resources to the organisational construction. Forming as a procedure involves:

Designation of activities:

Categorization of grouping of activities.

Assignment of responsibilities.

Deputation of authorization and creative activity of duty.

Organizing authorization and duty relationships.


It is the map of manning the organisation construction and maintaining it manned. Staffing has assumed greater importance in the recent old ages due to advancement of engineering, addition in size of concern, complexness of human behaviour etc. The chief intent o staffing is to set right adult male on right occupation i.e. square nog in square holes and unit of ammunition nog in unit of ammunition holes. Harmonizing to Kootz & A ; O’Donell, “ Managerial map of staffing involves manning the organisation construction through proper and effectual choice, assessment & A ; development of forces to make full the functions designed un the construction ” .

Staffing involves:

Manpower Planning ( gauging adult male power in footings of searching, take the individual and giving the right topographic point ) .

Recruitment, choice & A ; arrangement.

Training & A ; development.


Performance assessment.

Promotions & A ; transportation.


It is that portion of managerial map which actuates the organisational methods to work expeditiously for accomplishment of organisational intents. It is considered life-spark of the endeavor which sets it in gesture the action of people because planning, forming and staffing are the mere readyings for making the work. Direction is that inert-personnel facet of direction which deals straight with influencing, guiding, oversing, actuating sub-ordinate for the accomplishment of organisational ends. Direction has following elements:






It implies measuring of achievement against the criterions and rectification of divergence if any to guarantee accomplishment of organisational ends. The intent of commanding is to guarantee that everything occurs in conformances with the criterions. An efficient system of control helps to foretell divergences before they really occur. Harmonizing to Theo Haimann, “ Controlling is the procedure of look intoing whether or non proper advancement is being made towards the aims and ends and moving if necessary, to rectify any divergence ” . Harmonizing to Koontz & A ; O’Donell “ Controlling is the measuring & A ; rectification of public presentation activities of subsidiaries in order to do certain that the endeavor aims and programs desired to obtain them as being accomplished ” .

( maps of mangement, 2102 )

Planing procedure:

Overview of the concern planning procedure

Every planning procedure goes through a series of phases. In kernel the purpose is to finish each of the undermentioned stairss:

Analyse the external environment

Analyse the internal environment

Define the concern and mission

Set corporate aims

Formulate schemes

Make tactical programs

Build in processs for monitoring and commanding

An overview of the traditional concern planning procedure is illustrated below:

Effective concern planning has to get down with an honest and realistic assessment of the current place of the concern. The formal term for this is “ situational analysis ” and there are several planning tools and methods which are helpful in seting the analysis together. The true intent of situational analysis is to find which chances to prosecute:

PEST / PESTEL analysis: identify and analyze tendencies in the environment

Rival analysis: understand and, if possible, predict the behavior of rivals

Audit of internal resources

SWOT analysis: physique on strengths ; decide failings ; exploit chances ; confront menaces

Having determined the current place, the following measure is to find the way of the concern – by replying the inquiry “ where are we traveling ” ? The end products from inquiring this inquiry are:

Vision: the non-specific directional and motivational counsel for the full concern. What will the concern be like in five old ages clip?

Mission statement: a statement of the concern ‘s ground for being. The mission statement is concerned with the range of the concern and what distinguishes it from similar concerns

Aims: SMART objectives set out what the concern purposes to accomplish

Goals: specific statements of awaited consequences ( Riley, 2012 )

What is Forecasting?

Prediction is a procedure of foretelling or gauging the hereafter based on past and present informations. Forecasting provides information about the possible hereafter events and their effects for the administration. It may non cut down the complications and uncertainness of the hereafter. However, it increases the assurance of the direction to do of import determinations. Prediction is the footing of premising. Forecasting utilizations many statistical techniques. Therefore, it is besides called every bit Statistical Analysis.

Procedure of prediction:

Procedure, phases or general stairss involved in prediction are given below: –

Analyzing and understanding the job: The director must first place the existent job for which the prognosis is to be made. This will assist the director to repair the range of prediction.

Developing sound foundation: The direction can develop a sound foundation, for the hereafter after sing available information, experience, type of concern, and the rate of development.

Roll uping and analyzing informations: Data aggregation is clip devouring. Merely relevant informations must be kept. Many statistical tools can be used to analyze the information.

Estimating future events: The hereafter events are estimated by utilizing tendency analysis. Swerve analysis makes proviso for some mistakes.

Comparing consequences: The existent consequences are compared with the estimated consequences. If the existent consequences tally with the estimated consequences, there is nil to worry. In instance of any major difference between the existent and the estimations, it is necessary to happen out the grounds for hapless public presentation.

Follow up action: The prediction procedure can be continuously improved and refined on the footing of past experience. Areas of failings can be improved for the hereafter prediction. There must be regular feedback on past prediction. ( akrani, 2011 )

The best test of planning and prediction in instance is “ when planes circling above the snow clouds. Air traffic control had closed the tracks for a short period at morning, and the early forenoon flights from all around Europe were being allocted new set downing slots along with long-haul jumbos from the Far East and the US. After a 20 minute hold plane landed on late cleared track ” so these line shows the how air traffic control did the planning and prediction.

Question 4


In this map it typically follows planning and reflects how the organisation tries to carry through its ends and aims. In relation to the construction of a company, forming involves the assignment of undertakings, the grouping of undertakings into sections and the allotment of resources to sections. Forming besides involves set uping the flow of authorization and communicating between place and degrees within the organisation. Top director performs these activities. Likewise in-between director and supervisors organize the undertakings to make places within their sections. Job analysis and occupation design activities are forming map.

The synchronism and integrating of activities, duties, and bid and control constructions to guarantee that the resources of an organisation are used most expeditiously in chase of the specified aims. Along with forming, monitoring, and commanding, organizing is one of the cardinal maps of direction.

Harmonizing to Mooney and Reelay, “ Co-ordination is orderly agreement of group attempts to supply integrity of action in the chase of common ends ” . Harmonizing to Charles Worth, “ Co-ordination is the integrating of several parts into an orderly hole to accomplish the intent of understanding ” .

Organizing and co-ordinating drama a really of import function in operational direction at Brussels Airport.

“ The luggage and lading being unloaded, providing vehicles geting, fuel being loaded, and technicians look intoing over the engines and control surfaces. Everyone seeking to acquire their work completed rapidly and right ” so it shows the well organised operational activities and co-ordination between the workers.

Question 5

The single operational activities were most affected by the service conditions is cleaning operational activities. Because due to last weather flight tardily around 20 minute and it is affected the all agenda of the flights and operational activities of the Air port.

For illustration: “ I should hold remembered the old stating “ more hastiness, less velocity ” I had seemingly slipped on same split java that had non been cleaned up in the hastiness of forenoon ” . So because of this a rider slipped on the floor and striving his mortise joint.

At the terminal we can state that serve weather activity affected the cleansing activity of airdrome and deficiency of floor cleansing riders affected.

Question 6

Different types of administration involved on at Brussels Airport like:

Hotel, coachs, constabulary, cafe , eating house, responsibility free stores, bars, cab, providing providers, fuel industry, lading trucks, in-migration, medical, train, airdrome traffic control, imposts, boundary line control and security cheque, flight desk. Information desk.

Deduction of these administration: they provide good and services on at Brussels Air Port. For illustration human resource direction does the labour direction and all other work related to the workers.

Air traffic control administration do the planning flight programming and other things related to flight like conditions prediction and quality control.

For illustration: in-migration authorization checks the visa of the riders and security constabulary checks the luggage and riders before going the flights.

Flight desk look into the tickets and weight of luggage and give the information about the flight.

Question 7

There are three public presentation objective factors which helpful to operations direction of Brussels Air port to increase their public presentation and effectivity.

Cost: if an administration is viing on monetary value so it is indispensable that it keeps its cost base lower than the competition. Then it will either do more net income than challengers, if monetary value is equal, or addition market portion if monetary value is lower. Cost is of import of a scheme of supplying a merchandise to a market niche, which competitions can non supply.

Quality: under the quality comes both merchandise and services or in other word we can as that quality covers both the quality of the product/services itself and quality of that procedure that delivers the product/services. Quality can be measured by the ‘cost of quality ‘ theoretical account were costs are categorized as either the cost of accomplishing good quality.

Quality system:

ISO 9000 provides a standard quality criterion between providers and a client that helps to cut down the complexness of pull offing a figure of different quality criterions when a client has many providers.

Under the ISO 9000 series comes different series those measure the quality:

ISO 9001

ISO 9002

ISO 9003

( porter, 2011 )

Responsiveness: the simple significance of the reactivity is the full scope of values related to timely merchandise development and bringing.

Ability to offer a broad assortment of products/services to the clients and alter the merchandise and service harmonizing to the client demand.

For illustration: In this instance survey we find that after late landing of the plane at Brussels Air port every member at the Air port in haste. Brussels Air port looks ever busy and riders ever wait in ques. But the operational direction of Brussels Air port really antiphonal or flexible they change their system. When they find riders waste excess clip here. ” They extend their terminus and at the entry gate or cab bead -off point set-up immense electronic show which shows all goings scheduled from following few hours ”

Show this action demo the adeptness of operating direction and with the usage of this public presentation factor Brussels Air port should better their operational work.

Decision and recommendation:

In this instance analyze fundamentally we find the function of operations direction. How they manage the operational activities at Brussels airdrome. For e.g. when plane landed 20 minute tardily at the airdrome. The all activties of airdrome disturbed and everyone in haste to finish his work as fast they do and another illustration is a rider slipped on some split java due to miss of cleansing. So these things shows operational direction did non successful in his planning.

But after few hours ‘ operation direction did a good prediction and everything alteration on at Brussels airdrome. For e.g. : they extend the new terminus, immense electronic show, the velocity of check-in system improves enormously.

At the terminal we can state that operation direction of Brussels airport really antiphonal and flexible.

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