The Cabinet Departments

The State Department (1789)
-advises president on foreign policy
-negotiates agreements with other countries
-represents the US abroad and in international organizations
The Treasury Department (1789)
-produces coins and bills
-borrows money and manages public debt
-collects taxes
The Defense Department (1789)
-provides military forces to deter war and protect the nation’s security
The Justice Department (1789)
-prosecutes those accused of violating federal law
-provides legal advice to the President
-represents the US in court
-operates federal prisons
The Interior Department (1849)
-manages public lands, wildlife refuges, and national parks
-operates hydroelectric power plants
-helps Native Americans manage their affairs
The Agriculture Department (1889)
-assists farmers and ranchers
-administers food stamp and school lunch programs
-inspects food and ensures quality standards
-manages national forests
The Commerce Department (1903)
-promotes international trade, economic growth, and technological development
-grants patents and registers trademarks
-conducts census
The Labor Department (1913)
-enforces federal laws on minimum wages, maximum hours, and safe working conditions
-administers unemployment, insurance and workers’ compensation programs
The Health and Human Services Department (1953)
-funds healthcare research programs
-conducts programs to prevent and control disease
-enforces pure foods and drug laws
-administers Medicare and Medicaid
The Housing and Urban Development Department (1965)
-operates home-financing and public housing programs
-enforces fair housing laws
The Transportation Department (1967)
-administers programs to promote and regulate highways, mass transit, railroad, waterways, air travel, and oil and gas pipelines
-works with state and local levels on land, energy, resource, and technology programs
The Energy Department (1977)
-promotes production of renewable energy, fossil fuels, and nuclear energy
-transmits and sells hydroelectric power
-conducts nuclear weapons research and production
The Education Department (1979)
-administers federal aid to schools
-ensures equal access to education
-conducts educational research
The Veterans Affairs Department (1989)
-administers benefits, pensions, and medical programs for veterans of the armed forces
-oversees military cemeteries
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