The Cabin Faced West notes

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What kind of genre is this story? ___
historical fiction
What is the setting? ___
Hamilton, PA
What was “The Rule?” Anyone who finds ___ with ___ gets a bucket of ___ poured over his/her ___.
fault. west. Cold water over her head.
Where did Ann’s family moved from? They moved from ___.
Gettysburg, PA.
What type of children lived in the cabins? How did Ann feel about this? All of the children were ___ or ___. Ann missed having a ___, and she missed her ___.
Babies or boys. Girl friend. Cousin Margaret.
Of all the places on her father’s hill, where did Ann like it best? She liked the ___ the best.
What was Ann’s dearest possession? Her ___
Who was Semanthie? Semanthie was the ___ that Ann’s father had ___ for her while they were at ___.
wooden doll. Carved. Gettysburg.
What two words did Ann come to hate? ___
some day
Why did Daniel say the cows were cooperating and obedient when they really were not? Daniel said the ___ of what he meant because he wanted to show he was __________.
Opposite. responsible
Who was the only other child Ann’s age near Hamilton Hill
Andy McPhale
What did Ann forget to do? She forgot to ___ (the most important job of all).
tend the fire
How did Ann describe the roads? Roads have ___, ___, and __ to tell and ___ to make around every corner.
Moods. mysteries and secrets. Promises.
Whom did Ann meet while walking to Aunt Mary and Uncle John’s house? She met a man named ___.
Arthur Scott of Lancaster County
Why did this man come to this side of the mountain to settle? He came because there was ___ then he could ever afford in the east.
more land
19. What did it mean if someone asked to have his name put in a pot? It meant he’d like ___.
To stay for dinner
What part of the dinner conversation caught Ann’s attention? The topic of ___ caught her attention.
Valley Forge.
Why did David pour cold water on Daniel? He broke ___. He had complained about ____ and their ____.
The rule. Western ladies and their manners.
When did Arthur Scott say he would be back? In the ___.
What did Ann teach Andy to do? What did they use to do this with? ___; she spelled Andy’s name with pea pods and scratched ____ in the ___.
Write. Words in the dirt.
What did Father announce at every sunup? The ___

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