The Business Practices of Wal-Mart

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From observations and readings from different websites has been gathered that Wal-Mart is the store that almost have everything. It provides varied products and services. Going to a Wal-Mart store is like getting into a place where you can get and do whatever you want. It offers household products, groceries, house furnishing, fashion, toys, sporting goods, and a never ending list of all the wants and needs of every American. They even have garden centers that provide all the outdoor needs for those who love to grow plant of any sort. Wal-Mart Canada in its website enumerated the following as part of there garden centers:

“These include fertilizers, grass seed, clay, ceramic and plastic pots, plants, tropical and flowering plants, hanging flower baskets, flowers, outdoor water fountains, potting soil, a complete line of lawn watering accessories, lawn mowers, patio furniture, garden and patio lighting, barbecues and their accessories, and hedge trimmers, as well as shovels, snow blowers and ice melters”. (Wal-Mart Canada) The store provide also services such as: Automated Teller machines, Fastfoods, Salons, and even Express Auto Centres “where they also recover used oils and oil filters, car batteries, antifreeze and automotive tires.

” (Wal-Mart Canada).

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Where they get their Supplies PBS wrote in its website that Wal-Mart has over 3,000 stores in the United States not to include the many other chain stores in Canada, Britain, Germany, Korea, Mexico , Brazil, Ad Argentina. With the number of chains of stores, it is hard to imagine where the company gets all their supply to provide their giants needs in order to sustain the demands of millions and millions of their customers.

What the Independent Television wrote regarding Wal-Mart’s deception of the people as regards to their US made product is something that really bothered the American society. “Despite a well-publicized “Made in the U. S. A. ” campaign, 85 percent of the stores’ items are made overseas, often in Third World sweatshops. In fact, only after Wal-Mart’s “Buy American” ad campaign was in full swing did the company become the country’s largest importer of Chinese goods in any industry. ” (Independent Television Service. )

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