The Burden of New Sex Roles on Women

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The changing roles of women have induced an onslaught of research and debate. Who suffers more stress in their respective sex roles? This essay dissects the Grabmeier’s (1995) article to show how it is effective in stating that women are more burdened by their new sex roles. The most persuasive aspect of the article is in the fact that it presents not only one factor involved in the dilemma. Grabmeier (1995) shows empirical evidence through presentation of verifiable research results.

He shows female burdens are indeed greater than that of male’s and that these stretch out across multidimensional factors – biological, social, physiological and psychological. The article is able to compare the difference in effects of certain factors on both men and women. It shows that females react differently, are subject to different hormones, have different psychological mechanisms and which, as a result, lead to their experience of anger, depression, stress, and other burdens.

One weakness of the article was its tendency to focus on certain aspects of the problems faced by women, such as postpartum depression. This lessened the impact of the article with regards to the main point: women experience more burden than men in their sex roles. The reader could easily get lost in the numbers, facts, and details of each factor. It lacked a proper collation of main points at the end leaving readers with a loose grasp of the arguments presented.

In conclusion, Grabmeier (1995) was able to convince me that women do feel more burden in their new sex roles. He had many strong arguments and tackled numerous factors contributing to the problem. However, he was unable to meld his arguments into one concrete affirmative statement for women and their extra burden in their sex roles. Over-all, he was able to drive the point across and was very persuasive in his stand.

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