The Book of Destiny

In every town, there is a legend that lives within the people. Some relied on a Oracle, others relied on religion. But, in a small town called Koss, they relied on “The Book Of Destiny.” This book was written by the gods and they had everyones destiny in their hands. After a old man had come into the town telling the story of “The Book of Destiny,” a young boy decided he wanted to search for it in the woods outside of town. The old man warned him that bringing the book into town can cause foolish acts which end in death, but the young boy didnt listen and ventured on his quest.
He went out to the forest located outside of town. Days went by, he wandered confused throughout the forest. By the 7th day he had given up looking for the book and was looking for a way out. He kept walking search for an exit, but as dark fell he came across a cave. He walked in and saw light coming from the back of the cave. He walked on and on until he came to it. There, in the light was the old man with the book. “I wandered you not to come here boy,” said the older man. “You dont understand what power this book has over people. I can not stop you from taking this book, but I can warn you. Today is July 17th, now, I open the book to the first page and I can see what is in store for you today. Now, everyone in town can look to see what was in story for them on that day and that day only. Anyone who goes past the page with the same date as that day will not like their future. Death is usually what comes because these are the gods.”
After that, the old man guided him out of the woods so that he could show all the towns people the book. He told everyone the story the man had told him.”You may look to see what is going on in your life on that day and that day only, but never go past.” All of the town people were excited by this discovery. Everyone knew not to abuse this privilege that the gods have given them. But, one girl, even though she knew the consequences, she still wanted to see what would happen with her husband who had been away in the war for quiet some time.
One night, when all the towns people were asleep and she thought that no one would see her, she went to the middle of town where the book sat on a table. She looked through the pages over and over searching for the return of her husband, she found it. She sat there reading it, but then the wind started to blow and she lost the page. When she went back to it, the days events had changed. Her husband was returning, but it wouldnt be a happy return. The book read:
December 19th
As a loved one returns from the battle field they have longing to leave. They return to find that a new battle has started for them. As they return to town, they will see a casket being carried down the street. They run up to the casket to see if it was a war friend, but instead they find the beauty they once loved being laid to rest. The battle with their loss is just starting, even though the war is over.

She could not believe what she was seeing, she became very angry with the gods and began yelling in the towns square. Nearby people came form their homes and return her to hers to rest. Months had past and she had no word from her husband. She became very depressed. She didnt want to live anymore because what if he was dead, and she would have to deal with that pain inside forever. Six months had past, and she had forgotten about he discovery in the book. She just thought it was a joke and didnt want to deal with it.

She finally remembered, but it was too late for her to do something. She couldnt live with herself anymore so she had stabbed herself in the heart because she thought the pain couldnt be any worse, but she was wrong. Stories tell us now that she haunts the town square warning all not to go past the page you are only to see because the day after she killed herself, her husband had returned to the town, unharmed.

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