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1. He is bullied a batch by his schoolmates. He has been unfortunate because of his ‘water in the brain’ . His household thinks that his jobs are amusing and they don’t truly believe much about him. He was born into a hapless household and had a really unusual status and he is disadvantaged. He has multiple physical jobs and he about died. The fact that he survives. demo us that he is strong and determined.

2. They are biased and irresponsible for their clients. They think that Indians don’t experience as much hurting as other races do. They put money and clip first alternatively of the wellness of the patients. ‘Our white tooth doctor believed that Indians merely felt half as much hurting as white people did. so he merely gave us half the Novocain. ’

3. They think that Junior is eldritch and they alienate him because of his visual aspect and his personality. They don’t dainty him good or equal like others. The kids call him Orbit because of his large caput. He calls himself a pencil because of his large custodies large pess and pencil organic structure.

4. He likes pulling a batch because he thinks that words can’t describe anything. He thinks that pulling can be used to pass on between different linguistic communications and that everyone can understand it. He likes to pull for Rowdy. ‘I draw because words are excessively unpredictable. I draw because words are excessively limited. ’ and ‘but when you draw a image. everybody can understand it. ’

5. He wants to go an creative person. rich and celebrated. He wants to gain money someplace out of the reserve.

Why Chicken means so much to me

1. Junior’s household is hapless and they sometimes starve for a long clip. So when they have chicken. he worships the poulet ( turning the poulet into a spiritual icon ) .

2. He thinks that hungriness is non the worst thing about being hapless. ‘Poverty = empty icebox + empty stomach’ . He says that in a eldritch manner. being hungry makes nutrient gustatory sensation better. He draws a image of ‘The Shroud of Kentucky Fried’ .

3. Oscar gets ill and he dies. Junior is sad because the Canis familiaris was the lone life thing that he could’ve depended on. He wanted to take Academy award to the vet but because the household was excessively hapless they weren’t able to salvage him. The male parent got out his rifle and slugs and he shot the Canis familiaris. ‘A slug merely costs approximately two cents. and anybody can afford that. ’ shows that Junior is really acrimonious about the fact that they are hapless and that they can’t save him.

4. Junior’s male parent is a bibulous adult male and he spends money on imbibing. When Junior wants his male parent to drive him to school. the male parent can’t because there wasn’t adequate money for gasoline. The male parent is good at music. Junior’s female parent is sort to Junior and is more responsible. She takes attention of Junior but isn’t the type to be wholly depended on. They both had dreams but they didn’t come true because they were hapless.

5. Junior says that his father’s dream was to be a musician in a set playing the saxophone. He wants to hold the places of Miles Davis because he wants to look cool. His female parent would hold wanted to be a community college instructor and look smart in a suit and a smart haircut.

Retaliation is My Middle Name

1. Bully is his best friend and Junior’s Guardian Angel. His male parent beats him up all the clip because the male parent is a rummy and hits Rowdy and his female parent all the clip. The two of them are ever walking around with bruised faces. Junior looks for the Ag liner. He thinks that Rowdy is more unfortunate than he is and that he is lucky. His female parent and male parent are rummies excessively but they ne’er hit him. they yell at him but he has ne’er been spanked.

2. Junior doesn’t privation to travel to the one-year huddle because he thinks that the Indians there would bully him and he would acquire injury. He is different from the others so he is a mark. he is besides weak and he can’t stand up for himself.

3. Rowdy is Junior’s best friend and Junior is Rowdy’s merely friend. Rowdy stands up for Junior as he is ever being bullied. Junior draws images for Rowdy and they read amusing together. They were born a few proceedingss apart from each other even they were born from different female parents. They were close of all time since they were little.

4. Because Junior ran into the Andruss brother’s cantonment and because they were ‘the cruelest threes in history of the world’ . they shoved Junior around and besides kneed him in the balls. The threes were 30 old ages old. Rowdy heard about this incident and he was traveling to seek retaliation on the threes. They waited at the triplets’ cantonment until the brothers came back rummy and went to kip. ‘Then Rowdy snuck in. shaved off their superciliums. and cut off their braids’ . They chose this as retaliation because ‘the worst thing you can make to an Indian guy’ is to cut off their hair because it had taken them old ages to turn their hair and Rowdy cut that off in five seconds.

5. The amusing books are of import because Rowdy loves them. For person like Rowdy to love something. it takes rather a large thing. He reads the old Goofy 1s. Kid material. He would laugh at the dense gags. no affair how many times he’s read the same amusing. Rowdy pretends he lives inside the amusing books.

Because Geometry is Not a State Somewhere Near France

1. Junior likes geometry because he admits that ‘isosceles trigons make me experience hormonal. ’ He is much more in love with the right angles of a edifice. ‘When I was a babe. I’d crawl under my bed and cuddle into a corner to kip. I merely felt warm and safe tilting into two walls at the same clip. ’

2. Junior thinks that his sister is good at destroying things. She didn’t travel to college or travel acquire a occupation. She is ‘beautiful. strong and funny’ and is ‘crazy and random’ . She spends 20 three hours a twenty-four hours in the cellar. Her moniker is ‘Mary Run Away’ .

3. Junior thinks that the instructor is eldritch. Mr. P is their instructor and he says that he sometimes forgets to come to school and that they have to ‘send a child down to the teachers’ lodging compound behind the school to wake Mr. P. who is ever stalling out in forepart of his Television. ’ He besides says that ‘some of our instructors make us eat birdseed so we’ll feel closer to earth. and other instructors hate birds because they are supposedly minions of the Devil. ’

4. Junior. in old chapters supports kicking about his household being hapless and non being able to afford anything. He reacts truly strongly to the book because it had his mother’s name written on it. He complains about this because he is stating that Indians are excessively hapless to afford anything new in general. ‘So I was gazing at a geometry book that was at least 30 old ages older than I was’ . ‘And allow me state you. that old. old. old. decrepit geometry book hit my bosom with the force of a atomic bomb. My hopes and dreams floated up in a mushroom cloud. What do you make when the universe has declared atomic war on you? ’

Hope Against Hope

1. Mr. P wants to apologize to Junior because he admits to Junior that he has treated Indians really severely in the yesteryear and that he is regretful for have done so. He forgives Junior for throwing a book at his face. Mr. P is regretful that Junior is suspended from school. ‘We were supposed to do you give up being Indian. Your vocals and narratives and linguistic communication and dancing. Everything. We weren’t seeking to kill Indian people. We were seeking to kill Indian civilization. ’ Mr. P besides says. ‘I can’t apologise to everybody I hurt. ’ And ‘I might hold broken a few bones’ . ‘I hurt a batch of Indian childs when I was a immature instructor. ’

2. Junior finds out that his sister wrote romantic novels. ‘Oh. she loved to compose short narratives. Small romantic narratives. She wouldn’t allow anybody read them. But she’d ever be scrabbling in her notebook. ’ He says his ideas out loud. ‘She could still compose a book’ and ‘There’s ever clip to alter your life. ’

3. Mr. P thinks that Rowdy is violent and that he is traveling to acquire meaner and meaner because his male parent hits him. Mr. P thinks that Rowdy is acquiring influenced by his male parent and thinks that he may act upon Junior excessively.

4. Mr. P thinks that Junior should go forth the reserve because he thinks that Junior deserves more than be hapless and to populate in the reserve. He thinks that he would acquire a better instruction at that place and win and carry through his dreams.

Travel agencies Travel

1. Junior’s parents think that the white people have a hereafter because they are rich and powerful. His parents think that the white people are hopeful and can assist Junior to his success. 2. Junior’s parents wanted a better life for Junior and Mary and non allow them remain at the reserve and go on to be hapless and suffer like they do. They hope that they can populate a good life and be free. 3. Junior thinks that his fellow Indians will torment him because he would be considered as a treasonist for traveling to a white school. The Indians would believe that Junior thinks ill of them and wants to go forth the reserve merely because they are hapless and can’t live a good life like the white people do.

Rowdy Sings the Bluess

1. Rowdy thought Junior was jesting at first about traveling to Reardan but so when he realises that Junior wasn’t joking. he gets really disquieted as Junior is his lone friend and ends up showing his emotions through his fists. ‘’ I didn’t want to acquire him mad. When Rowdy got huffy it took him yearss to acquire un-mad. But he was my best friend and I wanted him to cognize the truth’ . ‘…but Rowdy started shouting excessively. and he hated that. He wiped his eyes. started at his manus. and screamed. I’m certain that everybody on the reserve heard that shriek. It was the worst thing I’d of all time heard. ’

2. Junior positions the Reardan childs as hopeful. ‘having a future’ . translucent and rich. He thinks that they have everything they want.

3. At the terminal of the chapter. a really sad thing happens for Junior. ‘But I had to stand finally. and when I did. I knew that my best friend had become my worst enemy. ’ [ At the terminal of the chapter. there is a image demoing Rowdy shouting at him. Wordss and phrases like. ‘You WHITE LOVER! ’ . ‘I hatred you! ’ and ‘You suction! ’ were used ] .

How to Fight Monsters

1. Junior’s male parent gives him some encouragement and drives him 22 stat mis to Reardan. When they reach the school. Junior’s male parent gives Junior tiffin money and tells Junior that he loves him. Junior could hold gotten charity tiffin from the school. but because he didn’t want to look weak in forepart of all the other pupils so hence his male parent gave him lunch money. Lunch money wasn’t something that he normally got because his male parent is an alcoholic and spent a batch of their money on beer and liquor so that the household hardly had anything to eat.

2. Junior positions the childs as racialist and thinks that they are estranging him. He thinks that Reardan was the complete antonym of the reserve and his household and that he didn’t belong here/deserve anything. ‘I knew it ; all of those childs knew it. Indians don’t deserve crap. ’

3. Junior thinks that the Reardan mascot is unusual as it is Indian and none of the childs at that place at Reardan are Indian apart from himself.

4. He thinks that everything can be solved with fists and abides the ‘reservation rules’ of contending everyone that either abuses or thinks about dissing you or your household.

5. It was a error for Junior to hit Roger because Roger was the alpha male of a large troop of white cats and could hold hurt Junior really bad.

Grandmother Gives Me Some Advice

1. Junior’s grandma Tells Junior that he has hit the alpha male of the group and they likely respect him now because he did so.

2. Eugene helps him by promoting and back uping Junior and shows that person in on his side.

3. Penelope thinks ill of Junior even worse than earlier and ignores him.

Cryings of a Clown

1. He has ne’er experienced love and has ne’er gotten near to misss apart from his sister and his female parent. 2. Rowdy doesn’t aid him with it and alternatively Tells Junior to alter everything about himself.


1. Penelope’s Halloween costume was a stateless adult female. This is contemptuous Junior and his household because they are hapless and Junior’s apparels already look like a homeless man’s. 2. Because he was trick or handling on the reserve and the Indians there saw him and bullied him. There were three people that beat him up. 3. He imagines that Rowdy would state him to alter everything about him.

Slumping toward Thanksgiving

1. He is alienated and he feels like he’s unseeable and non-existent. He is the lone Indian and he is bullied. He felt lonely and had pimples/zits. ‘It was the loneliest clip of my life’ . 2. Mr. Dodge choices on him and Tells Junior that he is incorrect. He says that Junior is worthless and he does non cognize anything and Tells Gordy the mastermind to reply alternatively. Mr. Dodge is a instructor and he leads the pupils into know aparting him and doing merriment of him and his civilization.

3. Junior’s chief jobs at this point is that others at the school are avoiding him or even non looking at him intentionally. [ Identity crisis ] His male parent doesn’t choice him up from school either. The reserve people don’t like him. 4. Junior was shocked and he besides knew that his sister was traveling to be populating a love affair novel. 5. Gordy is an friendless merely similar Junior as he is besides different from the other people in the school. Gordy is the category mastermind. is intelligent and uses technically long words. 6. Junior learns how to analyze and how to read from Gordy and Gordy helps him with his academic surveies.

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