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The black Americans in the United States of America have a long history. Much of their history depicts a batch of unfairness that existed in the United States of America. The black Americans in the United States of America have their history from the clip of bondage where many slaves were taken from the western parts of Africa to America where they acted as slaves. In America. the black Americans were treated as slaves in their fatherland. The differentiation that existed in coloring material between them and the white Americans was of great concern. They were treated in a wild manner.

There was deficiency of equality on the parts of the black Americans. as they were non treated in the same manner that the Whites were treated. They were besides denied a batch of privileges and their rights were violated ( David. 2006 ) . For illustration. they could non take part in public personal businesss such as voting. They were besides denied occupations in most commercial sectors as a consequence of dark skin color of their tegument. This is still an unfairness that is still experienced today where there are many Whites who still do non like using the black Americans.

The black Americans are still faced with many societal jobs even today. This is because most of the societal jobs that they faced in the yesteryear are non solved even today. The true vision of Martin Luther male monarch is non yet fulfilled in United States of America today. There are still favoritism that exist in school and in employment sector against the black Americans ( Earle & A ; Halperin. 2000 ) . The societal concept that existed that the black Americans are inferior and are non competent to busy high places in work topographic points.

In the condemnable justness. system the black Americans continues to confront more challenges that the Whites because most of them do non hold economic power to engage attorneies so most of them find themselves in Americans prison than the Whites ( Belgrave & A ; Allison. 2009 ) . There are many stereotypes that exist refering the black Americans. The negative stereotypes against the black Americans have existed every bit long as their history in America. These are the stereotypes. which justified the captivity of the black Americans. These are stereotypes. which can be explained by the theory of societal building.

This is because most of them were and are socially constructed in the American society. The black Americans are presented as violent and unsafe people. They are taken as nescient people who can non make something that can assist the state and as people who need to be supervised in everything that they do. The media has besides contributed to stereotypes that exist about the black Americans. Televisions depict black Americans in the manner that they are non. In most of the picture games. the black Americans are non depicted as chief characters.

In fact. in most of the picture games they are depicted as slayers. This shows the stereotype that exists that the black Americans are unsafe and violent. ( Belgrave & A ; Allison. 2009 ) . The black Americans have ever been the minority group of people in the United States of America as compared to the Whites. However. the black Americans are the bulk in the group of minority groups in America. In America. the Whites are the racial bulk with a portion of 80 % of the United States of America population harmonizing to the population estimation plan.

The Hispanic and the Latino Americans compose about 15 per centum of the whole of United States of America population. The black Americans take about 13v per centum of the whole population doing them to be the largest racial minority. The black Americans are dominant in the south parts of the United States of America. They comprise about 55 per centum of the population in the South. ( Castellanos & A ; Jones. 2003 ) . However. the black Americans remain to be the minority group in many organisations and educational establishments.

This is because most of them to make hold the privilege of achieving higher instruction due to economic adversities that most of the black Americans face. The American society is altering and people from different races have started to suit each other without favoritism of the race. Peoples have started to recognize that most of the stereotypes that are held against the black Americans are merely societal constricts. This is evidenced as the black Americans have started accessing educational establishments and places of work that they could non hold attained in the yesteryear.

There are assorted companies that are headed by directors who are from black American race. This societal alteration has gone even to political relations where even the president of the United States of America comes from the black American race. This shows that bin hereafter it the dream of equality to all people from different races will come true and the black Americans will hold the same privileges in all sectors like the Whites. In twenty old ages to come. we are traveling to see even more interracial matrimonies between the black Americans and other races in the state.

This means that the black Americans are likely to achieve their desires of justness and equality in twenty old ages to come. Mentions Belgrave. F. & A ; Allison. K. ( 2009 ) African American Psychology: From Africa to America 2nd edition. SAGE. Castellanos. J. & A ; Jones. L. ( 2003 ) The bulk in the minority: spread outing the representation of Latina/o module. decision makers and pupils in higher instruction. 1st edition. Stylus Printing. LLC. David. K. ( 2006 ) African American issues. 1st edition. New York. Greenwood Publishing Group. Earle. J. & A ; Halperin. J. ( 2000 ) The Routledge Atlas of African American history. New York. Routledge.

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