The Arena

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The story gives us an Insight into any parent’s worst nightmare and also the struggle to overcome this loss. A first person narrator, who is also the main character, tells the story. The narrative technique gives the story the dimension that it needs for the reader to really understand the main character and his problems. We get to know all his thoughts and feelings towards the life he had before the death of his son. The structure of the story Is special because of the fact that the drive Isn’t important, but rather the things hat are going on in the mall characters mind.

We are actually following two different stories about his life at the same time. But the short story Is divided In passages so we know when it is present time and when he is thinking about the past. It is sometimes difficult to make a distinction between, what is happening now and what has happened in the past. But this structure is showing the reader, how his perception of reality is after his son died. Everything is merging together and it is very confusing for the reader.

You can say that the structural confusion is a

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symbol of his state of mind after he lost his son. “l was confused for a moment which life I was In-I” He as well as the reader Is confused at this particular point In the story. The main character is a male, who is now married to his second wife, whom he has a son with. We don’t get to know much about his family, but through his thoughts we hear a lot about his past. On the drive to the arena he keeps checking the rear-view mirror and you can say that It Is symbolizing the fact that he can’t let go of the past.

When I look again through the front I sense that I am seeing not only ahead but also behind, that I’m glimpsing my future as well as my pasta” He is two places at the same time and this is a contrast, which is used through the story. He is physically in the real world with his son, but mentally he is living in the past. The contrast future and past is showing us that he is actually living in two worlds at the same time. A thing that shows us that he hasn’t overcome the divorce from his ex-wife and the death of his son is that his second wife looks Just Like his first wife.

It seems like he Is trying to live his old life, but with a new wife and son. He Is trying to be the best father for his son, but he is finding it very hard to bond with his son because he is afraid to loose him like he lost his first son. Here is another contrast that shows us that he clearly has some conflicting feelings, which makes it difficult for him to bond with his son. He is very happy to have his son, but he is at the same time feeling fear because of what happened to his first son. He is feeling bad because he isn’t able to ND that he doesn’t really want to think about it. My mind skids back. I can’t help it. 3″ He and his ex-wife have been attending a group to help them with their grief, but everything has changed after their son’s death and they couldn’t get the normal day to function. They were doing everything they used to, but it seemed like everything lost it’s meaning. At some point they couldn’t even look each other in the eyes and that was when they decided to get a divorce so that both could start a new life. “Before the life I have now I had another life[… It was a good life. ” This shows us that he was happy in the other life he had and that he is sad in this life without his son and ex-wife. This is an essential contrast, which shows us that loosing a child is life changing and you can go from a happy life to living in hell the next day. The main theme of the story is that it is very difficult to let go of a past that has given you many great things, but also the worst thing that could ever happen to you. The death of his son has been a very traumatic experience for him and he is in the story ring to make peace with the past.

But it is hard for him to do because he has a responsibility to his new family and he can’t let the past affect them. He can’t do both of these things at the same time and that seems to affect the relationship with the son he has now. Another theme is protectiveness. During the drive he can’t concentrate on his son even though he Just want to be there for him. “l speed up, at the same time being careful to get there safely. ” He knows that he needs to protect his son so that he can’t loose him like he lost his first son.

He is careful to drive safely and he is very set up not to miss any of their appointments. His need to protect his son at all times is linked to him not wanting to go through the same thing again. You can now conclude that the loss of a child can have big psychological consequences for the parents. The main character in the story can’t concentrate on the present and is therefore still dwelling on the past. This is making it very difficult for him to live a normal life with his new family and give them all his attention instead of giving the past half of his attention.

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