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From centuries to centuries the function of adult females has been preponderantly low-level to the function of work forces. Work forces have been known to be superior in both physical and mental degrees. They are besides most likely to hold an “upper hand” in state of affairss based on their gender. An illustration of such state of affairs is taken topographic point in “The Answer Is No” . written by Naguib Mahfouz. This narrative has a considerable sum of sexual political relations. On one side you have a adult females who is powerless and feels trapped because of her place. Yet on the other manus her failing becomes her strength. which leads her to her “happiness. ” The feminism in the narrative is inexplicit.

The chief character is a adult female who has suffered through a sexual brush that has scarred her for life. More so. she feels that she has nowhere to travel and is forced to be soundless in her ain wretchedness. Badran Badwi. is the adult male who takes advantage of the misss artlessness and aristocracy. He non merely inflicts injury on her. but cognizing that she is vulnerable he continues to terrorise her and comes back into her life without holding any sense of compunction for making what he did. “The Answer Is No” demonstrates the effects that a adult female has to endure due to a man’s self-importance and dominative character trait. It besides represents adult female as being hebdomad and vulnerable in the eyes of a adult male. Basically one can non reason that it is impossible to conceive of change by reversaling the male-female functions in this narrative.

This narrative for the most portion does non dispute the traditional thoughts about adult females. The adult female in the narrative is automatically portrayed to be a frightened submissive miss. She is scared to face world. For illustration when she was approximately to agitate custodies with her culprit. “she advanced with her eyes fixed on his thorax. Avoiding his regard. she stretched out her manus. ” That indicates that she can non confront her fright and Badran still has a sense of control over her. The female parent is besides portrayed to be traditional adult females with antique thoughts. She doesn’t talk her head. and doesn’t even demo any type of expostulation to what happened to her girl. She every bit good feels like there’s nil left to make but for her girl to get married him. When the miss told her female parent about what happened. she was “taken aback by the forwardness”¦” of his nature. So alternatively of promoting her girl non to be afraid she merely merely state her that it’s her pick. It is as if the female parent is ashamed and disappointed at her girl even though it wasn’t her mistake.

This kind of thought is common in society. Even though the adult male is at mistake the adult female is looked down upon because she is considered to be “un-pure. ” In contrast there is a traditional thought about adult females that was challenged in the narrative. Despite what has happened to the miss she insist on non acquiring married. And for a adult female to be of old age and still non be married is besides looked down upon. For so she is considered to be an “old maid” who no cat will of all time desire to get married. Now there is a point in the narrative where she either had to accept what had happened or to disregard it and travel on with her life. If you think about it that truly isn’t giving the adult females the pick to do her ain determination. In this state of affairs the writer uses his ain desire instead so utilizing a women’s desire to do her ain determination. “It was the kind of state of affairs that could coerce her into something she detested. ” In any instance the adult female chooses non to get married. because for her holding dignity was non loneliness.

By now it is obvious to see that the relationship between the adult male and adult female in the narrative is non equal. Because of this societal disparity there are a batch of struggles between both sexes. There are two chief struggles that take topographic point. First. adult male vs. adult male. which would be the struggle between Badran. and the miss he sexually assaults. And the 2nd one would be adult male vs. himself. which is an internal struggle that the miss goes through with her ain feelings. When Badran becomes the new schoolmaster at the school the adult female knew that it would be problem for her. “To have abused her artlessness was one thing. but for him to hold the upper manus now that she was to the full in ownership of her modules was something else. ” She now had to be confronted by a adult male who violated her rights. and by him being in a higher authorization place merely made affairs worse.

This besides goes to demo that in world work forces normally do hold higher authorization over the adult females. This contributes to the sexual political relations that goes on in mundane life. And in many instances adult females do travel unheard of. They are silenced and frightened by what could go on to them if they were to talk up. On the contrary when Badran proposes matrimony to her she does non care of the result and speaks up by stating. “for me any result is preferred to being married to you. ”

The 2nd type of struggle was the one she had with her ain ego. She had to debate on whether or non she could accept what had happened. And with the female parent coercing her to acquire married made it even harder for her to come upon a decision on what she should make. She is a beautiful rich miss with a baronial character. “and now here she was fighting impotently in a well-sprung trap”¦” She knows that he strength and hated that really much. but yet she hated her ain failing every bit good. Therefore seting her in a state of affairs where she has to conflict her ain interior feelings.

One can non conceive of this narrative in reverse-that is a adult females assailing a adult male in sexual behavior mode and acquiring off with it. Alternatively it demonstrates how a hapless defenseless adult female is being put in a such a state of affairs where she is trapped and hopes that her “life will go through calmly. peacefully. instead so merrily. ” This narrative ignores the significance of women’s rights. Alternatively it portrays how adult female are weak and excessively dominated by work forces. “The Answer Is no” provides sufficient grounds of the sexual political relations in society. where sexual assault committed by a adult male is labeled as love.

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