The American Health Care Industry

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The significance of this study lies on the fact that it would be able to help the members of the American Health Care Industry to adopt practices and strategies related to supply management that would be beneficial to them in a sense that it would bring about beneficial results to the organization.

Once again, the researcher reiterates that the presence of a number of problems has hindered the health care industry’s adoption of practices needed for a sound and efficient supply management practices.Thus, this research could help in highlighting these problems and at the same time, suggest the needed solutions in order to ensure the success of the said management strategy. 1. 4. Objectives of the Study Generally, the purpose of this study is to analyze supply management in the health care industry and determine its future based on the use of both qualitative and quantitative data.

More specifically, this study also aims to meet the following objectives: 1. To analyze the current status of the health care industry vis-a-vis its practices pertaining to the efficient management of supplies.2. To highlight the problems being experienced by the health care industry and how it contributed to the inefficient management of supplies of the organizations belonging to the said sector. 3.

To determine the importance of supply management, most especially in the health care industry. 4. To determine the negative effects of an inefficient supply management on the members of the health care industry. 5. To determine the possible actions that members of the health care industry could take so as to improve their supply management strategies. 1.

5. Scope of the StudyThis study shall cover all the members of the American Health Care Industry, taking into consideration, their practices and strategies related to supply management. 1. 6. Rationale of the Study The justification for this study is the fact that the proper use of supply management practices is necessary to ensure the success of businesses.

In the same manner, the efficient adoption of such strategy would also enable the organizations to render better services to their customers and at the same time simplify their business practices while reducing their costs.Almost all industries are adopting these practices due to the benefits it promises. However, supply management within the health care industry is said to be significant behind and inefficient when compared to other sectors. Because of this, the researcher pays special attention to solving this problem considering that this industry is one of the biggest purchaser of industrial products that should be monitored properly so as not to risk the safety of the patients.

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