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The end of this undertaking is to find if the services and attempts of adult females ‘s groups are assisting Croatian adult females victims of wartime sexual onslaughts from the Croatian War of Independence. As many of these adult females suffered multiple onslaughts, I would wish to look into what reparations have been made, and what reparations still need to be made. The injury of wartime colza can convey approximately psychological and physical complications, stigma from their community. Women ‘s groups have put forth attempt to mend the agony, but are at that place societal, political, or cultural factors that topographic point restrictions on these attempts?

In the undermentioned section I will discourse colza cantonments set up by Serbians, the societal response to Croatian adult females who were raped, and what reparations have been made. Additionally, I will discourse what methods I will utilize and the exact model of where and when I will be transporting out my research ; any ethical deductions I may meet and how I intend to guarantee no injury comes to participants ; and in conclusion, what the significance my research will hold on Anthropological apprehensions of subsisters of wartime sexual onslaughts and colza.


Socialistic Yugoslavia consisted of Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia and Montenegro, until 1991 when both Serbia and Croatia declared their independency, ensuing in the Independence War of Croatia ( Olujic 1998:32 ) . Among the warring cabals were Serbians, Catholic Croatians, and Muslims.

Shortly after the war began, Serbian leader, Slobodan MiloseviA‡ , appointed the RAM program which allowed colza as a tactic of war ( Salzman 1998:356 ) . In most instances, colza is a personal onslaught to do the adult female experience low-level and humiliated, yet the significance of this program was non specifically aimed to harm adult females of enemy cabals, but alternatively as a agency of helping Serbia ; purposefully infusing adult females to hold Serbian progeny, and conveying shame to their enemies ( Cook 1993:249 and Olujic 1998:31 ) . Here colza is being utilized to ethnically cleanse the enemy ( Salzman 1998:349 ) .

‘Rape cantonments ‘ were established by which both Muslim and Croatian Catholics were kept as captives for impregnation ( Salzman 1998:349 ) While the exact figure of adult females are unknown, the Bosnian ministry estimations about 50,000 colzas on adult females between the ages of 17 to 40, and about 35,000 ensuing gestations ( see beginning 3:40 and Salzman 1998:356,363 ) . There is besides no house cognition of when the usage of colza cantonments began or ended, nevertheless the bulk of instances seemed to hold occurred between April 1992 and November 1992 ( Salzman 1998:357 ) . Other times adult females were brought to Bordello cantonments. These cantonments seemed merely to function as whorehouses ; nevertheless, after these adult females were raped they were frequently murdered ( Salzman 1998:359 ) . Most of these cantonments were shut down in 1992, when the war officially ended ( Olujic 1998:32 ) .

Harmonizing to Todd Salzman, “ Many adult females refuse to discourse the colza because of the shame and humiliation associated with it, every bit good as the stigmatisation from household, friends, and the community ” ( 1998:370 ) . The shame and humiliation was non merely on the adult female ‘s behalf, but was besides felt by their hubbies. As such, it was a adult female ‘s duty to burthen the shame ( Olujic 1998:31 ) . Womans who did discourse the colzas risked stigma from the community ; some believed the adult females may hold brought the onslaughts upon themselves with inappropriate garb, or that the extent of the onslaughts were exaggerated ( Salzman 1998:370 ) . It is common for hubbies of attacked adult females to hold a grade of incredulity as to the truth of the colza ( Coyne 2003:178 ) Victims of such onslaughts may even experience responsible for conveying on an onslaught every bit good ( Herman 2004:370 ) . Harmonizing to Todd Salzman, “ [ the disaffection adult females suffer ] shackle [ s ] the ability to mend emotionally, physically, and psychologically ” ( 1998:370 ) . Regardless of the disaffection, the force of the colza cantonments will enormously cut down the opportunities of quashing such memories ( Suleiman 2008:279 ) .

Politically, the intervention of colza should be examined. Punishing those who committed the offenses to justness may assist in the healing procedure, yet many of the rapers were ne’er brought to test ( Horvath 2011:205 and Salzman 1998:377 ) . Presently there are adult females ‘s groups whose focal point is to convey justness to the victims of colza, but besides to give the victims a voice ( Stojsavlijevic 1995:40 ) . In 1995, Oxfam, a human-centered organisation sought to put up better communicating between the adult females ‘s groups they may assist each other to develop ( Stojsavlijevic 1995:40 ) yet there is really small information still on the advancement adult females ‘s groups have made in mending the injury of wartime colza victims.


In order to reply my research inquiry, I would wish to pass a considerable sum of clip in Zagreb, Croatia from the beginning of June to the terminal of August. Zagreb is home to the Zagreb Center for Women War Victims. Through this organisation I will be able to run into with run coordinators and adult females colza victims. Besides I should wish to pass clip in Libraries in Zagreb, and Belgrade should I need to research quantitative information, or fit any background information with grounds I may hold acquired. I will specifically necessitate to cognize, from records in Croatia, their recorded figure of colza victims, every bit good as any information from articles which may cast visible radiation on the stigma on despoiled adult females from the clip of the war until recent. The latter piece of information will be utilized as a agency of understanding Croatian adult females in a societal historical context.

In June, I will run into with employees of the Zagreb Center for Women War Victims. As I have maintained contact with them throughout this undertaking I should wish to interview run coordinators. In add-on, I would take part in run planning to derive insight as to how alteration is taking topographic point. The exact intent of the interviews and participant observation combined is to understand what attempts have been put frontward by the centre, where they have seen advancement and where they still hope to see advancement. This information will specifically let me to understand precisely what the organisation ‘s thought of advancement is. I will get this information with structured interviews.

Besides in early to mid June, I should wish to run into with victims of war colza. I understand that these adult females may be loath to talk with me which may be due to a accomplishment I may non hold ab initio: adjustment in ( DeWalt 2002: 17 ) . I do n’t understand how it feels to be a victim of wartime colza and this may ensue in a trust issue, impeding the procedure of constructing up resonance. However, harmonizing to Kathleen and Billie DeWalt, the most of import accomplishment is forbearance, which I believe will assist to gain trust in the long tally ( 2002:17 ) . As such, I have scheduled the maximal sum of clip I would be able to pass in Croatia for the intent of seeking to suit in, and to construct up resonance.

Although Kathleen and Billie DeWalt advise scheduling a twelvemonth as a general guideline for constructing resonance, there is besides a list of lending factors as to what may help or hinder on this procedure ( 1998:43 ) . For the ground that I will non be concentrating on the colzas of the victims straight, the information I will be seeking to obtain will non be straight related to the colzas as good. Throughout the resonance edifice procedure I will carry on a series of informal interviews, so unstructured interviews, and finally travel towards semi-structured interviews. The intent of get downing with informal interviewing is to let the interviewee to state me anything she would experience comfy stating me ( DeWalt 2002:122 ) . From informal interviewing, I plan to transition to unstructured interviews and necessarily towards semi-structured interviews, go forthing a spread of 2-3 hebdomads between each passage. I will schedule informal interviews to last for a period of 45 proceedingss to 1 hr, after which I will jot down notes. Once I make the passage into unstructured interviews, I will get down to take notes during the interviews. Throughout both unstructured interviews and semi-structured interviews, with consent, I would wish to enter them on audio-tape to transcribe instantly subsequently. Inevitably I will run into with an interviewee in which linguistic communication will be a barrier. In this likely event I will necessitate person to interpret, sooner person from the Zagreb Center for Women War Victims, or person the interviewee trusts. I will particularly pay careful attending to facial looks during points in the interview, and record the interviews on audiotape to be translated into English. In add-on, I will utilize a camera to document photo grounds on necessary occasions.


While most of the adult females who suffered war clip sexual onslaughts and colzas have non come frontward, there still exists a little figure that have ; nevertheless, those who have come frontward still doubtless suffer the wakes of the onslaughts. During my research I would wish to avoid doing farther injury by concentrating chiefly on their emotional and societal advancement, instead than their experiences of the war. In add-on, I will non utilize their names in note pickings or future write ups to guarantee they can non be identified ; the hazard of digesting shame from any research would be minimum.


My research would be conducive to Anthropology of force, Social Anthropology, and Political Anthropology. The inquiry at manus does non simply touch upon the long term effects of injury but it includes certain societal and political responses from the Croatian authorities, adult females ‘s groups, Croatian work forces and Croatian Women. As mentioned antecedently, colza in the context of war is non a personal onslaught on adult females, but an onslaught on the enemy, on work forces ; nevertheless, colza as a war tactic brings the subject of colza into a political context. Consequently, adult females ‘s rights are going a perennial portion of Croatia, as adult females ‘s groups are turning and forcing for Croatian Government to acknowledge and penalize offenses against adult females. While adult females ‘s groups have already started developing to assist colza victims, there has been small research as to their current province of advancement. My research subject may even cast visible radiation on how protecting the rights of the colza victims have affected Croatian adult females as a whole.

Taking into consideration the stigma a colza victim has, it needs to be known how the apprehension of a adult female as a societal organic structure is altering both to adult females and work forces severally, or if it is non altering, so why? Besides, are at that place, and what are, the societal and cultural restrictions placed on the mending procedure of the colza victim.

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