The Advantages of Working in an Office

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With the ever-accelerated living tempo and fiercer competition, the way people work and their attitudes towards It have undergone a noticeable and far-reaching transformation. When It refers to the controversial Issue whether to work at home with computer or telephones or to work in the office, people ‘opinions are divergent in the company for the feeling of striving together with a same goal or at home for the comfortable surroundings of your family? As far as I am concerned, the saying that home is necessarily connected with comforts and efficiency oversimplifies.

I find the former more appealing choice. To start with, work should be separated from personal life . A formal and serious task for an individual, work is something one must be totally responsible for. However, if working at home, he or she would inevitably face the distraction of trivial things like a knock on the door by neighbor or an unpredicted noise made by the kid. These Interruptions would make the pace of work In a mess, and thus, without a necessary concentration. Highest work efficiency Is Impossible.

On the other side, an office Is the est. alternative to avoid such a drawback, making itself into a place where the atmosphere of a great passion can develop into most motivation. Another equally Important aspect Is the productively promoted the strict management and professional environment provided by the company office. Actually, people behave distinctively under different conditions. The answer to this common phenomenon is the human nature that people are often unconsciously affected by the surroundings.

For example, my father, as he told me, was once a “lazy “worker ho loved the coziness of home, with Junk food in hands and TV broadcasting his favorite shows? Yet in the workplace, where everything is running at a high speed In a tight style, he would not slow down his pace even want to take a breath. Thus, for him and all those who consider home as a harbor of happiness and leisure, successful work is less likely be done in such a private place. Last but not the least, one of the perks of working In office Is like-minded Individuals.

I fact, communication can be the most significant aspect In working. People meat and live with various kinds of people at work, an opportunity for them to make valuable friends and to enjoy the delight of friendship. When I began my internship in the company now I am working for, I met someone who later made so many differences in my life. Steve was once in the same team with me . And we saw a lot of in common at the very beginning. He taught me about the start of my Job, as well as a panoramic sparkles of thoughts, raptures of new findings, Happiness of success and bitterness f failure in the work.

I learned a lot, about both work and life, from an optimistic colleague, from a wise mentor, and from a great friend. I know that I wouldn’t have been so lucky if I was facing the computer screen all day alone. To sum up, I want to reaffirm my position with a restatement: the advantages of working in the office does outweigh and outnumber those of the other option, for it brings us an atmosphere of concentration, a possibility of efficiency, and an ideal platform of communication.

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