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Health Behavior Change Health Promotion And Disease Prevention Public Health
HEED 300 Chapter 1 – Flashcards 33 terms
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Health Behavior Change Moderate Physical Activity Public Health Vigorous Physical Activity
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Health Behavior Change Internal Locus Of Control Short Term Benefits
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Factors That Influence Health Health Behavior Change Health Psychology Less Than Usual Multiple Risk Factors Psychology
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Body Fat Percentage Health Behavior Change Health Psychology Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Short Term Benefits Three Times Per Week
Healthy Wealthy and Wise 119 terms
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Theories and Models Focusing on Health Behavior Change
-First need to decide on what level to intervene -Consider the ecological perspective
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The Stages of Change Model of health behavior change emphasizes that
change happens as a process.
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What model of organizational change would be most likely to prioritize changing nurses’ feelings over presenting them with new information? A. The Transtheoretical Model of Health Behavior Change B. Kotter and Cohen’s Model of Change C. The Change Curve Model D. Diffusion of Innovations Model
B. Kotter and Cohen’s Model of Change Rationale: Kotter and Cohen proposed that the key to organizational change lies in helping people to feel differently (i.e., appealing to their emotions). They assert that individuals change their behavior less when they are given facts or analyses that change their thinking than when they are shown truths that influence their feelings.
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The Transtheoretical Model (TTM) of health behavior change differs from the Health Belief Model in its emphasis on the: need for change, stages of change, benefits of change, or effectiveness of change.
stages of change
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Interventions for Health Behavior Change
-Raising Consciousness -Reevaluating the Self -Promoting Self-efficacy -Enhancing the benefits of change -Modifying the environment -Managing the Barriers to change -Tailoring Behavior change interventions …creating individualized communication to meet the unique needs of the individual “patients will act in their own best interest, changing dangerous behaviors and increasing healthy practices if they have the knowledge, tools, and incentives to do so” (Pender et al., 2002).
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