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how do PCN/cephalosporins interact with gram positive bacteria? what about gram negative?
they can just diffuse and bind to the PBPs easily. gram negative bacteria are harder for PCN/cephalosporin to enter, but 3rd/4th generation drugs are more efficacious.
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what bacteria is a genus of high G + C Gram positive bacteria?
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what extra chemical does gram positive bacteria have?
teichoic acids
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Characteristics of Gram Positive Bacteria
Stains Purplehas excessive layers of Peptidoclycanlow g + chigh g + c
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List Faculltative Anaerobes gram positive bacteria
1.Staphylococcus2. Bacillus anthracis3. Corynebacterium4. Listeria (endotoxin)5. Actinomyces
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examples of gram positive bacteria
Staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus, bacillus
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High g + c gram positive bacteria
Rod shaped – corynebacterium, mycobacterium, propionibacteriumFilmentous – Nocardia, Actinomycetes
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Proteinaceous bacteria that are secreted by bacteria. Gram positive bacteria, inside bacterial cell wall
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