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Chapter 23- AP World – Flashcards 45 terms
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Making History With Vitamin C – Flashcards 17 terms
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islam’s arrival in west africa is most directly attributed to their need for which commodity, via which global trade network?
salt-via trans-saharan trade routes
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How did the global trade network after 1500 CE affect the pre-existing regional trade networks? (Indian Ocean, Mediterranean, trans-Saharan, Silk Routes)
The European presence in the Indian Ocean trade did not greatly influ ence the other participants. There was very little European involvement compared to the existing trade and the Europeans did not provide any new or valuable products to the trade system.
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How was the global trade network of the fifteenth century different from that of previous eras in terms of size and scope?
New areas of the world were for the first time brought into the global complex. The rate of global trade also increased in some portions of the Old World. Global trade became so significant that it forged different relationships between key societies, based on the kind of goods and amount of control contributed to the surging world economy.
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