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Emergency Medical Services First Aid Full Thickness Burns Health Science Life Threatening Emergency
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R.T., a 16 year old male, is involved in a serious ATV accident in which he is the only survivor. Two ATVs collided, causing an explosion and fire in which RT is severely burned. He has full thickness burns covering 90% of his body, including his face. RT is flown to the QEII Health Sciences Centre and admitted to Intensive Care. 1.1) How is RTs “first line of defense” against foreign invaders affected by his burns? What type of cellular damage does this now place RT at risk for?
-his skin has been damaged -open wounds makes me susceptible to infection due to bacteria
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Burn depth is a measure of severity. Describe the characteristics of superficial partial thickness, deep partial thickness, and full thickness burns
*Superficial partial thickness (FIRST DEGREE): pink to red skin (sunburn), slight edema, and pain relieved by cooling *Deep partial thickness (SECOND DEGREE): destruction of epidermis and upper layers of dermis, white or red, very edematous, sensitive to touch and cold air, hair does not pull out easily *Full thickness (THIRD DEGREE): total destruction of dermis and epidermis, reddened areas do not blanch with pressure, not painful, inelastic, waxy white skin to brown, leathery skin
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