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HWH Ch. 3 Sec. 3 Questions – Flashcards 9 terms
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First Person Friends Hand Kids The Brain
I Funny School of Laughs by James Patterson review – Flashcards 23 terms
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Cause Effect First Person First Person Point Of View Hospital Jazz
Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie 18-end of book – Flashcards 34 terms
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Family First Person First Person Point Of View Long Term Commitment Love Poor Living Conditions Third Person Omniscient Third Person Point Of View
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Where the Red Fern Grows – Flashcards 80 terms
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Who was the first person, in 1526, to clearly challenge the Greeks notion of 4 elements? And what elements did he propose?
Paracelsus proposed salt, sulphur, and mercury
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Charles Darwin was the first person to propose what?
A mechanism for evolution that was supported by evidence.
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Who was the first person to see living microorganisms? In which year?
Anton van leeuwenhoek 1674
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What was he the first person to do?
-first description of measles (differentiated it from smallpox)
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What nineteenth-century British inventor is considered the first person to have envisioned a programmable computer? He called his proposed device an ”analytical engine.”
Which of the following statements is in first person
I made the arrest
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Employees at Employees Credit Union were really impressed with Ryan, the new CEO. He was the first person who had fully developed a vision for the company about where it could go, and had energized everyone to try to get there. Ryan is a ______ leader.
transformational–>A transformational leader inspires motivation by offering an agenda, a grand design, an ultimate goal, or in short, a vision.
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First person is the person____. Second person is the person ____. Third person is the person ____.
speaking spoken to spoken about
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The first person to get infected from the pathogen- introduces pathogen to the human population (in the movie it was the chef in hong kong)
What is the index case of an outbreak?
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Dalton figured atoms were of this shape (1)_______. Faraday discovered (2)________. Mendeleev was the first person to make something remotely similar to a (3)_________ ________.
(1)Spherical(2)Electromagnetism(3)Periodic Table
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