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Female Athlete Triad Nutrition Serious Health Problems
Nutrition Chapter 11 – Flashcards 18 terms
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Chronic Health Conditions Female Athlete Triad Regular Physical Activity
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Death And Disease Female Athlete Triad Percent Body Fat Racial Ethnic Group Reproductive System
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Female Athlete Triad Green Leafy Vegetables Lean Body Mass Moderate Alcohol Consumption Nutrition
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Child Protective Services Female Athlete Triad Foundations Of Professional Nursing Limits Nursing Past Medical History
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Abnormal Psychology Better Health Care Female Athlete Triad Psychology Risk Taking Behavior
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Abnormal Psychology Female Athlete Triad Psychology
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Daily Energy Expenditure Female Athlete Triad Moderate Physical Activity Nutrition Resting Metabolic Rate
Health Final – Flashcards with Answers 81 terms
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One of the health problems associated with the female athlete triad is amenorrhea, which is a lack of A. menstrual periods. B. calcium. C. iron. D. fertility.
A. menstrual periods.
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The female athlete triad consists of three conditions, including low energy availability/level, osteoporosis, and __________
amenorrhea (menstrual disruption)
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Be able to identify the three components of the female athlete triad.
Amenorrhea: Intake is 30% less than required Disordered eating: anorexia and bulimia Osteoporosis. Vitamin D, and Calcium are needed
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What makes up the condition called the “female athlete triad”? abnormal eating patterns, premature osteoporosis, and insulin sensitivity abnormal eating patterns, premature osteoporosis, and dysmenorrhea premature osteoporosis, insulin sensitivity, and dysmenorrhea abnormal eating patterns, premature osteoporosis, and amenorrhea