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The Miracle Worker – Flashcards 59 terms
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Mr. Buck has several family members who died from different cancers. He wants to know if Medicare covers cancer screening. What should you tell him?
Preventive & screening services
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A male patient is receiving heparin by continuous intravenous infusion. The nurse will instruct the patient and family members to report which of the following should it occur?
Presence of blood in urine or stools
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2. Some parents call the local emergency rooms in an attempt to learn where their children will be transferred. Which action should be implemented to help these family members?
Designate specific family areas that are staffed with counselors
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What are common symptoms reported by family members of patients being diagnosed with dementia?
Memory loss Mild disorientation Trouble with words and/or numbers
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A nurse has permission from the homebound client to educate any of the family members about providing care for the client. Which family member is the most appropriate choice?
Brother who visits daily, does laundry, and cooks all meals for the client.
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Which of the following guidelines is appropriate to helping family members cope with sudden death?
Show acceptance of the body by touching it, giving the family permission to touch
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The act of various family members gardening together show that _________.
it is impossible to categorize this occupation as either purely work or purely leisure
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Those with family members who have had hereditary CRC should be genetically tested for what 2 genetic disorders?
FAP – familial adenomatous polyposis NHPCC – Hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer
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How did the newly freed slaves go about finding lost family members?
Advertisements in Black news papers
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2. Which action should be implemented to help these family members?
Designate specific family areas that are staffed with counselors.
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