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ZBishop O.T. Jones Sr. Era (1962-1968) 1962-1968 is described as a ”Dark Period” in the history of COGIC, accompanied by polarization and conflict in leadership.[20] Bishop Mason died November 17, 1961 at the age of 95, leading COGIC for 54 years. As founder, Bishop Mason exercised authority over matters of church polity. After his death, according to the 1952 church constitution, the control of the church reverted to an executive board of bishops. The General Assembly vested authority in an Executive Board composed of twelve bishops. The COGIC constitution at the time did not specifically outline a clear successor or the authority of this executive board of bishops after C.H. Mason’s death. A. B. McEwen was elected chairman of the Executive Board, and O.T. Jones Sr was elected Senior Bishop by the General Assembly because of his seniority.[21] Bishop O.T. Jones Sr.was pastor of the Holy Temple COGIC in Philadelphia and jurisdictional bishop of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Jurisdiction. O.T. Jones Sr. was the only living Bishop of the five original bishops consecrated by Bishop Mason. Bishop O.T. Jones Sr.assumed leadership as the Senior Bishop. In 1964, disagreement between the authority of the Senior Bishop and the Executive Board led by Bishop A.B. Mcewen was addressed at the Fifty-Seventh Holy Convocation. Factions developed within the organization as executive and administrative decisions were being made by both the Senior Bishop in conflict with Bishop A.B. McEwen and vice versa.[22] The church experienced litigation issues with lawsuits filed in the Chancery Court of Shelby County, Tennessee. This was to resolve the legitimate authority of the denomination. The court ordered the church to convene a constitutional convention in February 1968. The constitutional convention drafted and approved a new constitution that dissolved both the office of the Senior Bishop and the Executive Board. These two offices were replaced by the Office of the Presiding Bishop and a General Board to be elected every four years to preside over the church. The General Assembly will be the supreme authority over the church to decide matters of faith and practice. On November 14, 1968, the General Assembly of the COGIC elected the first General Board and Presiding Bishop of the church.[23] First General Board 1968-1972 • Bishop J.O. Patterson, Sr – Presiding Bishop • Bishop J.S. Bailey – First Assistant Presiding Bishop • Bishop S.M. Crouch – Second Assistant Presiding Bishop • Bishop W.N. Wells • Bishop L.H. Ford • Bishop O.M. Kelly • Bishop C.E. Bennett • Bishop J.A. Blake • Bishop J.W. White • Bishop D.L. Williams • Bishop F.D. Washington • Bishop J.D. Husband Several bishops disagreed with a new organizational structure and severed ties with COGIC to start their own organizations. The most notable rift occurred in 1969 when fourteen bishops met in Evanston, Illinois to form the Church of God in Christ, International; they disagreed with the electoral process in selecting the Presiding Bishop.[24] Bishop O.T. Jones Sr, however, did not leave COGIC. He remained the Jurisdictional Bishop of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania until his death in 1972.[25] COGIC continued to grow and in 1973, the church claimed a worldwide membership of nearly three million.[23] to St. Louis, Missouri.
Bishop O.T. Jones Sr. Era (1962-1968)
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