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Extinguish The Fire Licensed Practical Nurse Long Range Goals Privacy And Security Soap And Water
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Extinguish The Fire Long Term Care National Patient Safety Goals
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Extinguish The Fire Nursing Patient-Family Centered Care: Pediatric Nursing Poison Control Center
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Cooking Electrical Engineering Extinguish The Fire Film Fire Fighting Fire Science Water
fire ch.6 59 terms
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which component of a fire must be removed to extinguish the fire
any of these choices are correct
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12. On entering the client’s room, the nurse sees a fire burning in the trash can next to the bed. The nurse removes the client and calls in the fire. The next action of the nurse is to: 1. Extinguish the fire 2. Remove all of the other clients from the unit 3. Close all the doors of client rooms 4. Move the trash can into the bathroom
Close all the doors of client rooms
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A client who is nonambulatory notifies the nurse that his trash can is on fire. After the nurse confirms the fire, which of the following actions should the nurse take next? a. Activate the emergency fire alarm. b. Extinguish the fire. c. Evacuate the client. d. Confine the fire.