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Equipment And Supplies Nursing
IV Therapy (ATI Chapter 49) – Flashcards 55 terms
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Emergency Medical Services Equipment And Supplies First Aid Physical Fitness The Body
Chapter 37: Emergency Medical Procedures and First Aid – Flashcards 43 terms
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Alcohol Based Hand Rub Equipment And Supplies Human Immunodeficiency Virus
micro unit 1 – Flashcards 132 terms
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Civil Rights Equipment And Supplies Federal And State
S-260 – Flashcard 97 terms
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Emergency Medical Technology Equipment And Supplies Law Enforcement Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Chapter 39: Chapter Test – Flashcards 39 terms
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Factors to consider when selecting equipment and supplies (5).
1. Type & volume of records 2. Degree of required protection 3. Efficiency & ease of use of equipment & supplies 4. Space considerations 5. Cost
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The autoclave uses ___ under ____ to sterilize equipment and supplies. It will destroy all ____, both ___ and ___, including ____ and ____
Steam Pressure Gas Mixer organisms Pathogenic Nonpathogenic Spores Viruses
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The autoclave uses _______ under ________ or ________ to sterilize equipment and supplies. It will destroy all _______ , both _______ and ________ , including ________ and __________.
Steam; Pressure; Gas; Microorganisms; Pathogenic; Nonpathogenic; Spores; Viruses
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Which of the following is a graphic project report used in project management? A. Project proposal B. Approved project plan C. Humphrey chart D. Equipment and supplies chart E. Cost and performance tracking schedule
This report must detail the following: Facts, based upon, but not limited to: The number of real estate fraud cases filed in the prior year; The number of real estate fraud cases investigated in the prior year; The number of victims involved in the cases filed; The number of convictions obtained in the prior year; and The total aggregated monetary loss suffered by victims, including individuals, associations, institutions, corporations, and other relevant public entities, according to the number of cases filed, investigations, prosecutions, and convictions obtained; AND An accounting of funds received and expended in the prior year, including: The amount of funds received and expended; The uses to which those funds were put, including payment of salaries and expenses, purchase of equipment and supplies, and other expenditures by type; The number of filed complaints, investigations, prosecutions, and convictions that resulted from the expenditure of funds; AND Other relevant information provided at the district attorney’s discretion.
Legislature’s intent in setting forth so many rules through its enactment of this section is to have an impact on real estate fraud involving the largest number of victims. Under this section, it has further been set forth that “to the extent possible,” an emphasis should be placed on fraud against those individuals whose residences are in foreclosure, OR are in danger of foreclosure. Case filing decisions continue to be at the discretion of the prosecutor. The Government Code also notes that a district attorney’s office or a local enforcement agency that has undertaken investigations and prosecutions that will continue into the FOLLOWING program year is allowed to receive those funds from the previous fiscal year that were not previously spent. This is provided AFTER the annual report of information detailing the accounting of funds received and expended in the prior year has been submitted. Under this law, NONE of the monies collected under this section may be used in ANY WAY to offset a reduction in ANY OTHER SOURCE of funds. Real Estate Fraud Prosecution Trust Fund monies MUST ONLY BE USED in connection with criminal investigations or prosecutions involving recorded real estate documents. Many counties in California have already enacted laws within their county providing for the Real Estate Fraud Protection Trust Fund. You can find out if your county of real estate practice is one of those with a Real Estate Fraud Protection Trust Fund by checking with the county government or recorded legislation, or by searching online.
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