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What was the result of the English Civil War?
Parliament won and had Charles I executed.
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How did disagreements over rule between the Stuarts and Parliament lead to the English Civil War?
James II refuses to undertake a Puritan reform Starts to ignore the Petition of Right Continued the idea of the divine right of kings Problem: Parliament was made up mostly of Puritans
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To what extent did the English Civil War serve as turning point for the colonies in America, what were the characteristics before and after that time period?
English Civil War served as turning point: New England Confederation Formed because of lack of assistance in fighting American Indians Showed that colonies can unify for a common purpose American revolution King Philip’s War Thousands on both sides died New England Confederation won Before time period: Colonies Fought Native Indians on their own English Monarchy King Charles After time period: Colonies helped each other fight King Executed Parliaments/ Puritans Won Military Dictator- Oliver Cromwell Brought moral/ Religion change to England
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Parliamentary forces in the English Civil War were primarily made up of
small landholders and tradespeople
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The English Civil War affected the American colonies by:
permitting the colonies to essentially govern themselves.
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Buildup to the English Civil War
{Triennial Act} -1641 -compelled the king to summon Parliament every 3 years {Impeachment of Laud} -the Commons impeached the archbishops and threated to abolish bishops
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The monarch beheaded during the English Civil War was: a. oliver cromwell b. anne bolelyn c. james I d. charles I
Beheaded during English civil war
Charles I
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Effects of English Civil War
Commonwealth Period, Charles II (Charles I’s son) flees England and is still a supporter of monarchy. Also many other revolutions were adopter after the one of Charles I in England such as: The American Revolution, French Revolution, and Haitian Revolution.
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English Civil Wars
1642-1646 and 1648-1649 stemmed from conflict between Charles I and Parliament over an Irish insurrection. The first war was settled with Oliver Cromwell’s victory for Parliamentary forces at the 1645 Battle of Naseby. The second phase ended with Charles’ defeat at the Battle of Preston and his subsequent execution in 1649. Charles’ son, Charles, then formed an army of English and Scottish Royalists, which prompted Cromwell to invade Scotland in 1650. The following year, Cromwell shattered the remaining Royalist forces and ended the “wars of the three kingdoms,” though Charles II eventually ascended to the throne in 1660.
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