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the republicans became the clear favorite in the presidential election of 1860 when
– the democratic party split into sectional factions
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What ultimately led to the Republican success in the election of 1860?
Republicans were able to win decisively in the North.
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The election of 1860 showed that the North and the South were two distinct political entities because
Lincoln won without a single Southern electoral vote.
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In the election of 1860, what proportion of the popular vote did Lincoln win?
Who won the election of 1860 with a platform against slavery in the territories, but for tariffs, a transcontinental railroad, and a Homestead Act?
Abraham Lincoln Correct Answer: Correct Abraham Lincoln
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within 3 months after the election of 1860
– 7 southern states had left the union
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Who and why threaten to succeed before Election of 1860?
5.Southerns threated sucession- they promised to leave the union and accused republicans of being Abolutionists
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The election of 1860 revealed that
– Americans voted very strongly along sectional lines
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Highlight the issues in the Election of 1860, the sectional divisions it revealed, and explain why Lincoln won.
Candidates: Lincoln: Republican Two Democrats Constitutional Union Party- No fighting Lincoln wins with 60% of the electoral and 40% of the popular vote Super controversial South hates him not even a question on whether they should vote for him or not 60% of the people don’t like Lincoln huge deal b/c he is now their president and they have to listen to him
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