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What are the 10 early warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease?
1) Memory loss that affects job skills 2) Difficulty performing familiar tasks 3) Problems with language 4) Disorientation to time and place 5) Poor or decreased judgment 6) Problems with abstract thinking 7) Misplacing things 8) Changes in mood or behavior 9) Changes in personality 10) Loss of initiative
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10) Early warning signs for Autistic Spectrum include all of the following EXCEPT A) no babbling or pointing by age 1. B) response to name. C) poor eye contact. D) loss of language of social skills.
Patient and Caregiver Teaching: Early Warning Signs of AD
1. Memory loss that affects job skills -unexplainable confusion or frequent forgetfulness at home or work -beyond forgetting assignment or colleague’s name 2. difficulty performing familiar tasks -may forget to eat a meal they cooked AND that they made it 3. Problems with language -may forget simple words or misuse words making it difficult to understand 4. disorientation to time and place -get lost on their own street, not knowing where they are, how they got there, or how to get home 5. poor or decreased judgment -dressing inappropriately such as wearing a bathrobe to the store 6. Problems with abstract thinking -unable to recognize numbers or do basic calculations 7. Misplacing things -frequently misplaces or puts things in inappropriate places such as putting eating utensils in clothes drawer 8. Changes in mood or behavior -more rapid mood swings for no apparent reason 9. Changes in personality 10. Loss of initiative -may become uninterested in usual pursuits
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CANCER’S Early Warning Signs CAUTION UP
C-hange in bowel or bladder A- lesion that does not heal U-nusual bleeding or discharge T-hickening or lump in breast or elsewhere I-ndigestion or difficulty swallowing O-bvious changes in wart or mole N-agging cough or persisten hoarseness U-nexplained weight loss P-ernicious Anemia
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