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AP United States History Demand For Beef Direct Election Of Senators Graduated Income Tax Land Grant Act Morrill Land Grant Act Sherman Silver Purchase Act World History
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AP United States History Direct Election Of Senators Supreme Court
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AP World History Development And Growth Direct Election Of Senators History of the Americas Immigration Orville And Wilbur Wright United States History
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AP United States History Direct Election Of Senators History of the Americas
APUSH – Constitutional Amendments 13-27 – Flashcards 15 terms
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Arts And Literature Direct Election Of Senators Great Gatsby Trivia Zora Neale Hurston
1920’s Social Changes 32 terms
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Direct Election Of Senators North American Studies Social Studies
CLEP – US History 1 (practice test 1’s incorrect answers; part 2) – Flashcards 23 terms
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Graduated income tax Direct election of Senators Australian ballot Government ownership of railroads Which is the source of the above proposals? A) Communist Party platform (Earl Browder, 1936) B) Progressive Party platform (Henry Wallace, 1912) C) Progressive Party platform (Theodore Roosevelt, 1912) D) Socialist Party platform (Eugene Debs, 1920) E) Populist Party platform (James Weaver, 1892)
E) Populist Party platform (James Weaver, 1892)
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Summarize the impact of the direct election of senators
Senators selected by the people not by “party bosses”
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This amendment allowed for the direct election of senators
B. 17th Amendment
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in 1920, passage of the 19th amendment a. marked the beginning of a new era in progressive reform b. outlawed the production, sale, and consumption of alcohol c. gave women the right to vote d. required the direct election of senators e. disallowed woodrow wilson from running for a third term
gave women the right to vote
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Summarize the impact of direct election of senators.
a. The Seventeenth Amendment, ratified in 1913, mandated that U.S. Senators be voted into office through general elections. i. Prior to this, the state legislatures had appointed U.S. Senators. b. This amendment forced the U.S. Senators to be more responsive to their constituents and gave the American people a greater voice in electing their legislators and creating laws.
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The progressive movement was instrumental in getting both the Seventeenth and Eighteenth amendments added to the Constitution. The Seventeenth called for__________, and the Eighteenth called for__________. [A] income taxes, direct election of senators [B] woman suffrage, income taxes [C] woman suffrage, direct election of senators [D] prohibition, woman suffrage [E] direct election of senators, prohibition