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How does the phenomenon of diffusion of responsibility relate to the social responsibility norm for helping victims?
when many people are present, diffusion of responsibility leads us to think that the victim does not depend on us. Accordingly, the social responsibility norm is weakened for each person
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more people = diffusion of responsibility
Which of the following is true of peopleโ€™s tendency to help someone in an emergency?
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The importance of weak ties in a social system is demonstrated by their ________. A) bridging function B) social contagion C) momentum effect D) diffusion of responsibility
A) bridging function
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Diffusion of Responsibility / Bystander Apathy
Tendency for an individual to feel a diminished sense of responsibility to assist in an emergency when other bystanders are present
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Lantane and Darley Experiment Diffusion of Responsibility
the more people who witness an emergency the less likely it is that any given individual will intervene. The bystander would help someone if they thought that person was alone.
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11. According to Latane, social loafing is due to: a) social norms that stress the importance of positive interactions among group members. b) duplication of effort among group members. c) diffusion of responsibility in groups. d) a bias toward making internal attributions about the behavior of others.