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11. The nurse is completing an assessment on an older patient who is having difficulty falling asleep. Which factor has the potential to contribute to this difficulty? a. Depression b. Smoking c. Alcohol d. Fatigue
ANS: A Older adults and other individuals who experience depressive mood problems experience delays in falling asleep, earlier appearance of REM sleep, frequent awakening, increased total bed time, feelings of sleeping poorly, and early awakening. Smoking (nicotine) decreases the total sleep time and REM and causes awakening or difficulty staying asleep. Alcohol speeds the onset of sleep. A person who is moderately fatigued usually achieves restful sleep.
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12. The nurse is caring for an adolescent who is complaining of difficulty falling asleep. Which intervention would be most appropriate? a. Adjust the temperature in the patient’s room to 21° C (70° F). b. Ensure that the night light in the patient’s room is working. c. Encourage the discontinuation of soda and chocolate nightly snack. d. Close the door to decrease noise from unit activities.
ANS: C Cola and chocolate contain caffeine, which interferes with the ability to fall asleep. Personal preference influences the temperature of the room, as well as the lighting of the room. Noise can be a factor in the unit and can awaken the patient, but caffeine can make it difficult to fall asleep.
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15. A client has a nursing diagnosis of Insomnia R/T paranoid thinking AEB midnight awakenings, difficulty falling asleep, and daytime napping. Which is a correctly written and appropriate outcome for this client’s problem? A. The client will avoid daytime napping and attend all groups. B. The client will exercise, as needed, before bedtime. C. The client will sleep 7 uninterrupted hours by day four of hospitalization. D. The client’s sleep habits will improve during hospitalization.
ANS: C The outcome “The client will sleep 7 uninterrupted hours by day four of hospitalization.” is accurately written and an appropriate outcome to address the client problem of insomnia. Outcomes should be measurable, realistic, client-focused goals that include a time frame. Appropriate nursing interventions are guided by client outcomes. PTS: 1 REF: 173 KEY: Cognitive Level: Analysis | Integrated Process: Planning
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Casandra is an honors student and one of the best varsity volleyball players. Despite her successes, she has begun to worry about her grades and standing in college, and her future. She has noticed that her mind goes blank in class and she difficulty falling asleep at night. Most likely, Cassandra has
generalized anxiety disorder
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For the past week, Laura has had difficulty falling asleep at night. Even though she goes to bed at her usual time, she lays awake for several hours before she finally drifts off to sleep. It appears that Laura is experiencing
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Review the following list of nursing diagnoses and identify those stated incorrectly. (Select all that apply.) A) Acute pain related to lumbar disk repair B) Sleep deprivation related to difficulty falling asleep C) Constipation related to inadequate intake of liquids D) Potential nausea related to nasogastric tube insertion
Correct Answer(s): A, B, D Acute pain related to lumbar disk repair uses a medical diagnosis as a related factor. Sleep deprivation related to difficulty falling asleep uses a clinical sign rather than a treatable etiology such as “excess noise in environment.” Potential nausea related to nasogastric tube insertion uses a diagnostic study as the etiology. None of the etiologies can be managed or treated by nursing intervention.
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