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Determinants Of Health Fundamentals Of Epidemiology Public Health Public Policy
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Determinants Of Health Microbiology Public Health
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19th And 20th Centuries Determinants Of Health Public Health Public Health Interventions
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What are the 4 major determinants of health? Explain each determinant.
Environment, Behavior and Lifestyle, Heredity, Medical Care
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What are social determinants of health?
social conditions in which people live & work
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What are determinants of health and how are they related to social determinants of health?
Determinants of health are factors that contribute to a person’s current state of health. These factors may be biological, socioeconomic, psychosocial, behavioral, or social in nature. Scientists generally recognize five determinants of health of a population [2, 3]: Genes and biology: for example, sex and age Health behaviors: for example, alcohol use, injection drug use (needles), unprotected sex, and smoking Social environment or social characteristics: for example, discrimination, income, and gender Physical environment or total ecology: for example, where a person lives and crowding conditions Health services or medical care: for example, access to quality health care and having or not having insurance Five major determinants of population health Other factors that could be included are culture, social status, and healthy child development. Figure 1 represents rough estimates of how much each of the five determinants contributes to the health of a population. Scientists do not know the precise contributions of each determinant at this time. As the figure shows, in theory, genes, biology, and health behaviors together account for about 25% of population health. Social determinants of health represent the remaining three categories of social environment, physical environment/total ecology, and health services/medical care. These social determinants of health also interact with and influence individual behaviors as well. More specifically, social determinants of health refer to the set of factors that contribute to the social patterning of health, disease, and illness.
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Healthcare has an impact late in the game determinants of health have already made an impact for better or for worse need for healthcare
Is seen as failure to prevent those determinants of health from adversely affecting the patient
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What are the 12 social determinants of health?
1. income and social status 2. Social support networks 3. Education and literacy 4. Employment/working conditions 5. Social environments 6. Physical environments 7.Personal health practices and coping skills 8. Healthy childhood development 9. Biology and genetic environment 10. Health services 11. gender 12. culture
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What are the social determinants of health?
Social determinants of health are economic and social conditions that influence the health of people and communities [1]. These conditions are shaped by the amount of money, power, and resources that people have, all of which are influenced by policy choices. Social determinants of health affect factors that are related to health outcomes. Factors related to health outcomes include: How a person develops during the first few years of life (early childhood development) How much education a persons obtains Being able to get and keep a job What kind of work a person does Having food or being able to get food (food security) Having access to health services and the quality of those services Housing status How much money a person earns Discrimination and social support
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All of the following are considered social determinants of health, EXCEPT for: income, educational attainment, working conditions, or individual lifestyle choices.
individual lifestyle choices
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This type of epidemiology focuses on the search for the determinants of health outcomes and draws statistical interences about their role in disease causation?
analytical epidemiology
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What is true of determinants of health?
They reflect underlying forces that are at work in the subsequent development of disease
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What is your understanding of the term ‘determinants of health’ and why are determinants important?
A health determinant is an indirect influence which effects the likelihood of becoming ill or staying healthy. Determinants are the factors that raise or lower health level in a population or individual. Determinants help explain and predict health trends and explain why some groups have better or worse health than others. They are the key to preventing illness and injury. Australia’s Health 2012 p. 11 & Fleming & Parker p. 71
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