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In 1887, Congress passed the Dawes Severalty Act, which was intended to
persuade Indians to abandon their traditional tribal cultures
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How did the Dawes Severalty Act try to civilize the Indians ?
By turning them into landowning ranchers and farmers
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In 1887, Congress passed the Dawes Severalty Act, which was tended to
persuade Indians to abandon their traditional tribal.
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The Dawes Severalty Act sought to “civilize” the Indians by
turning them into landowning ranchers and farmers
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The Dawes Severalty Act was based on the belief that
families headed by men were the desired model for all society
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What was the Dawes Severalty Act (1887)?
new phase in the relationship between the US government and Natives; act was designed to break up tribal organizations because many felt that they kept Natives from becoming “civilized” and law-abiding citizens; divided tribal lands into plots of 160 acres depending on family size; citizenship granted to those who stayed on the land for 25 years and “adopted habits of civilized life”; government distributed 47 million acres of lands to Natives; 90 million acres of former reservation land (often the best land) was sold over the years to white sellers by the government, speculators, or Natives; new policy proved a failure; by the turn of the century disease and poverty reduced Native population to 200,000 people, many of whom lived as ward to the federal government
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The main goal of the Dawes Severalty Act was a. assimilation. b. extermination. c. punishment. d.land redistribution. e.vocational training.
a. assimilation.
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N.A Policy Assimilation and Dawes Severalty Act
Injustices toward N.A were written in a book. which created sympathy for N.A Dawes act was created to break up tribal organizations.
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As a result of the Dawes Severalty Act,
Native Americans lost a large portion of their land.
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1887 Dawes Severalty Act
divided tribally held reservation lands into small allotments for families and individuals
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