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Anatomy Daily Energy Expenditure Maximum Heart Rate Target Heart Rate Zone
HED M03 Test 3 Study Guide – Flashcards 50 terms
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Autonomic Nervous System Behavioral Risk Factor Daily Energy Expenditure Overweight And Obesity Resting Metabolic Rate
ch 9 weight management: overweight, obesity, and underweight – Flashcards 199 terms
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Additional Risk Factors Daily Energy Expenditure Moderate Physical Activity Nutrition Resting Metabolic Rate Three Times A Week
Personal Wellness – Flashcards 85 terms
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Daily Energy Expenditure Fat Free Mass Gall Bladder Disease Nutrition Percent Body Fat
EMT Chapter 23 Poisoning and Overdose Emergencies – Flashcards 127 terms
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Daily Energy Expenditure Female Athlete Triad Moderate Physical Activity Nutrition Resting Metabolic Rate
Health Final – Flashcards with Answers 81 terms
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Estimating Total Daily Energy Expenditure
Weight(lbs) x 10 = RMR RMR x activity factor = TEE Even most commonly used formulas can have up to 20% variance in over or understimating resting metabolism and total energy expenditure.
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Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE)
The amount of energy (calories) spent, on average, in a typical day. TDEE is the sum total of 3 different energy components.
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A daily energy expenditure of 200 calories through physical activity is the equivalent of approximately ____ pounds of fat per year