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Continuity Of Care Hospital Identity Long Term Care Nursing
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Accountable Care Organization Continuity Of Care Past And Future Personal Health Record Training And Support
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Continuity Of Care Diagnosis Effectiveness And Efficiency End Stage Renal Disease Management Planning And Implementation Working With People
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American Hospital Association Continuity Of Care Health Computing Lower Abdominal Pain Medical/Clerical Assisting
Paper-Based and Hybrid Health Records 77 terms
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A nurse coordinates all the services needed for the family of an infant born with cerebral palsy. The nurse’s efforts focus on empowering the family to maximize self-care through health promotion, disease prevention, and increased continuity of care. What is the term for this process? A) Case Management B) Consultation C) Discharge Planning D) Screening
A Rationale: Case management, also known as care management or care coordination, involves activities that enhance the self-care capacities of clients and families by coordinating care. Discharge planning is an accepted nursing intervention aimed at the prevention of problems after discharge. Screening identifies individuals with unrecognized health risk factors of asymptomatic diseases. During consultation, the nurse seeks information and generates solutions to problems through an interactive problem-solving process.
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What provide an important means of ensuring consistency and continuity of care?
written patient assessments,care plans,and progress notes
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Which method for scheduling the staff meeting allows for the best continuity of care for the clients and the best communication between management and employees?
Meet with half of the nurses and UAPs before lunch, then the other half of the nuses and UAPs after lunch.
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What are some advantages to an organization of using travel nurses? A. They command premium pay. B. They provide scheduling relief. C. They offer good continuity of care. D. All of the above.
B. They provide scheduling relief. Rationale: While travel or agency nurses can fill in during a scheduling emergency, their pay can be hard on the budget, and their continued use can compromise care continuity.
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Some states have a Health Information __________________, funded through the ONC, which allows the sharing of health information for continuity of care purposes.
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For continuity of care, ambulatory care providers are more likely than providers of ACS to rely on the documentation found in the
Problem list (PCPs, pharmacy consultations and transfer summaries are likely to be found on the records of long-term care patients).
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Continuity of Care: Diarrhea
* Teaching — Teach causes and preventative measures — Infection control — Purification of water for travel — Fluid replacement — Chronic diarrhea
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True/False For effective restorative care, there must be a continuity of care between caregivers and between shifts.
The nurse prepares a written positioning schedule and places it in Aaron’s room as a reminder for the UAP assigned to help with Aaron’s care. The charge nurse removes the schedule and states that it violates Aaron’s privacy. What action should the nurse take? A) Provide verbal instructions about positioning to the UAP and document the instructions in the nurse’s notes. B) Ask the charge nurse to assist with verbal communication to all of the staff involved in Aaron’s care to ensure continuity of care C) Advise the charge nurse that client confidentiality is secondary to the continuity of care. D) Assure the charge nurse that written instructions in the client’s room are effective and do not violate any client rights.
D) Assure the charge nurse that written instructions in the client’s room are effective and do not violate any client rights. A written individualized schedule is the most effective method to ensure consistent positioning and may be placed in the client’s room without compromising client confidentiality.
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What is a purpose of a hand-off report? a. Ensures continuity of care and patient safety b. Keeps the doctor informed c. Completed when a patient is discharged to his home d. Determines patient assignments
Answer: a A handoff report shares patient-specific information from one caregiver to another or among interdisciplinary team members to ensure continuity of care and patient safety. The handoff report is usually shared among direct caregivers. Doctors are kept informed verbally by the nurse, through SBAR reporting, and by accessing the EHR. A patient being discharged to home is given discharge instructions but is not being “handed off” to another caregiver, so a handoff report is not appropriate. Patient assignments are determined before a handoff report is needed and are based on patient acuity, staffing, and a number of other factors.
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