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Community Mental Health Serious Mental Illness
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Community Mental Health Meeting The Needs Settlement House Movement
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Abnormal Psychology Community Mental Health Incidence And Prevalence Institutional Review Board Mental Health
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Community Mental Health Mental Hygiene Movement
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Case Studies Child Abuse Child Protective Services Community Mental Health Hipaa Privacy Rule
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Community Based Care Community Mental Health Networking Problem Solving Approach Settlement House Movement
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Abnormal Psychology Community Mental Health Managed Care Plan
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What happened in communities as a result of the Community Mental Health Act of 1963?
Communities were not prepared for the influx of people that needed services. People that had been released ended up in prisons, jails, and nursing homes.
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What did the Community Mental Health Act of 1963 do?
It moved patients from institutions to the community; Established community based treatment facilities.
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A nurse in community mental health clinic is planning staff education about the levels of prevention of intimate partner abuse. Which of the following should the nurse identify as a strategy for primary prevention?
Promoting self esteem by having a client identify personal strengths
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A patient tells the community mental health nurse, “I told me health care provider I was having trouble sleeping and he prescribed trazodone 50 mg every night. I read on the internet that drug is an antidepressant, but I’m not depressed. What should i do?” Which response by the nurse is correct? a. I will help you contact your health care provider for clarification regarding this new prescription b. insomnia and depression usually go hand in hand. If your depression is relieved, your sleep will improve c. in low doses, trazodone helps relieve insomnia. Higher doses are needed for antidepressant effects to occur d. information on the internet is often misleading and incorrect it is more important to trust the judgment of your health care provider
C. in low doses, trazadone helps relieve insomnia. Higher doses are needed for antidepressant effects to occur
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Community Mental Health Act of 1963
What legislative act most influenced the move from institutionalization to the community?
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Community mental health programs seek to help people who are disenfranchised from society to lead happier, more productive lives through the concept of _____.
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Regardless of your theoretical orientation, you will most likely be expected to work within the ________ framework if you are practicing in a community mental health agency or in any other agency.
Tim is being assessed at the community mental health clinic where his sister brought him with concerns that he might be suicidal. He recently lost his teenage son in a tragic automobile accident and commented that he would rather be with his son than here on earth. He admits to thinking of killing himself but denies intent. Which of the following pieces of information shared by Tim during the assessment are considered protective factors that might reduce Tim’s risk for suicide? Select all that apply. 1) Tim describes himself as very religious and according to his religious beliefs, suicide is an unforgivable sin. 2) Tim is 70 years old. 3) Tim describes his family as very supportive and his sister adds, “We would do anything to help Timmy get through this.” 4) Tim is being treated for prostate cancer. 5) Tim worked for 20 years as a consultant for a company that teaches conflict resolution skills to corporations.
1,3,5, Rationale Feedback 1: Adhering to religious beliefs that discourage suicide and encourage self-preservation reduces the potential for suicide. Feedback 2: Tim is actually in an age group and gender that has a risk for suicide four times the national average. Feedback 3: Having strong family support is identified as a protective factor in assessing risk for suicide. Feedback 4: Presence of a physical illness in an individual who is depressed and suicidal increases the risk for suicide. Feedback 5: Having strong problem-solving skills and conflict resolution skills are identified as protective factors that might reduce a person’s risk for suicide.
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Community Mental Health Act (CMHA, 1963)
-Passed in 1963 by JFK and led to deinstitutionalization of mental health to more community-based (outpatient) treatment centers -Provided funding and benchmarks for mental health research and treatment under the NIMH.
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