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Business Communications Communication Channel Full Time Job Linguistics Literature Purpose For Writing Spelling And Grammar Spelling And Grammar Errors Writing
BA105W EXAM 2 T/F – Flashcards 160 terms
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Behavioral Economics Communication Channel Decision Making Public Policy World Wide Web
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Business Management Communication Channel Face Linguistics Sender And Receiver
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Cisco Communication Channel Management
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Communication Channel Emotional Appeals Word Processing Software
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Business Communications Communication Channel Communications Face Strengths And Weaknesses Using The Internet
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Caroline needs information from a coworker in another office about an upcoming sales promotion. What is the best communication channel for Caroline to use to request this information?
Email, text, or IM
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Gerald knows which IMC communication channels are available and knows how he will measure the results of his IMC efforts. To implement his IMC efforts, Gerald also needs to
focus his efforts on his target market(s).
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When comparing the various communication channels available to marketing professionals, it becomes apparent that
no single channel is better than another channel.
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Which of the following is a disadvantage of using face to-face communication over other communication channels?
It is often difficult to schedule a time to meet face-to-face.
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Electronic messages as a communication channel would NOT be appropriate for which of the following situations?
When you need to send sensitive or extremely confidential information
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Marcee must evaluate each of her employees yearly. What communication channel should she use to convey the results of her evaluation?
d. Face-to-face conversation
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Which of the following statements about formal and informal communication channels is most accurate?
Companies should monitor social media sites to see what customers and others are saying about the company
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what are the different types of communication channels?
-face to face -two way -one way
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What are four communication channels you can use in business?
– Letters – Reports – Teleconference – E-mail
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Letter is the best communication channel when…
a persuasive well considered message is required
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