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Taylor, a 7-year-old boy, is brought to the Urgent Care Center by his father. He is bleeding from a wound on the back of his head. You inspect the wound visually and assess that you will need to clean the wound area to determine the length, depth, and severity. What additional component of physical assessment will you perform while cleansing the wound? A. Auscultation B. Percussion C. Palpation D. Developmental
C. Palpation Rationale: With palpation, you will feel the skin around the wound to determine whether there is swelling or any foreign objects such as dirt, gravel, or twigs in or around the wound. You will also be able to evaluate pain, if elicited. The other responses are incorrect. Auscultation is listening for changes such as decreased breath sounds and heart rate. Percussion is using the fingers and hand to tap on areas of the body to assess for changes. Developmental assessment is important when working with children, but to gather data you will need to talk to the patient to assess verbal skills and comprehension.
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