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Which of the following was the most frequent source of conflict between church and state in Europe throughout the Middle Ages?
The doctrine of papal supremacy: The Catholic Pope
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Concerns about separation of church and state primarily relate to which two issues?
Freedom of religion and public funding of religious schools
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separation of church and state gives what two benefits?
follow, and proclaim Christ ecclesiology and missional.
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Which clause has been interpreted quite strictly to mean that a virtual wall of separation exists between church and state?
establishment clause
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The wall of separation between church and state is best found in what clause of the Constitution?
the establishment clause
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How does the building of the church named Hagia Sophia by Justinian reflect a close connection between the church and state in the Byzantine empire?
Justinian controlled the church and the state so by building the Hagia Sophia he combined political power and spiritual authority to show that the church and state were closely connected
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In what ways were the lines between church and state blurred?
Often monarchs and local lords would appoint priests (confusing whether the pope or other leaders were in charge of the church)
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How did canon law fuel tension between church and state, bishop and king?
It fueled tension between them, because both sides wanted to rule the territory based off of there beliefs. For example, there was lots of disputes over whether or not the church or state should rule over the court.
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Which is intended to separate church and state?
Establishment claus
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The ‘Lemon’ test regarding separation of church and state required that any law challenged under the establishment clause must meet all of the following criteria, except:
have a principle effect that either advances or inhibits religion
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