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Ch 15 Quiz Religion – Flashcards 20 terms
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A Level History AP World History Christianity And Islam Important For Trade Tigris And Euphrates Rivers Trees And Shrubs World History
History incorrect ones – Flashcards 68 terms
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AP World History Christianity And Islam India And China Religious Beliefs And Practices Transatlantic Slave Trade
APWH: Unit 5 – Flashcards 68 terms
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AP Human Geography Christianity And Islam Norms And Values
AP Human Geography: People, Place and Culture Chapter 4 – Flashcards 20 terms
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Christianity And Islam Modern World History Signs And Symbols World History
AP World History: Period 2 – Flashcards 90 terms
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what aspects of Zoroastrianism and Judaism subsequently found a place in Christianity and Islam?
conflict of God and evil, the arrival of a savior, remaking of the world at the end of time, heaven and hell
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In which of the following ways are Christianity and Islam similar?
both are monotheistic both believe in an afterlife both include a belief in prophets **all of these
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Which two movements helped shape Christianity and Islam?
Which of the following contributed most to the initial formation of political states by the Muscovite Russians and the Ottoman Turks? A.Schisms in Christianity and Islam B.Advances in naval technology C.the rise and fall of the Mongolian khantaes D.The military conquests of Timur E.The growth of Afro-Eurasian trade
C.the rise and fall of the Mongolian khantaes
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3. Compare the processes by which Christianity and Islam became world religions.
• Christianity began the early modern period as a faith largely limited to Europe. • But by riding the currents of European empire building and commercial expansion, Christianity was solidly established in the Americas and the Philippines and, to a far more modest degree, in Siberia, China, Japan, and India. • Islam became more than a regional religion much earlier than did Christianity, spreading with the rapidly expanding Arab empire in the seventh and eighth centuries and then through the conversion of some pastoral peoples of Central Asia. • Later, the Mughal and Songhay empires helped to establish Islam more firmly in India and West Africa, respectively. Meanwhile, the conversion of Swahili city-states along the east coast of Africa expanded the presence of Islam in this region. • From early in Islam’s history, Muslim traders and missionaries also brought the faith to regions beyond the control of Islamic states. • In sub-Saharan Africa, in the eastern and western wings of India, and in Central and Southeast Asia, the expansion of the Islamic frontier continued throughout the early modern era. This expansion depended on wandering Muslim holy men, Islamic scholars, and itinerant traders. • During the early modern period, Islam also extended modestly to the Americas, where enslaved African Muslims planted their faith, particularly in Brazil.
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Both Christianity and Islam have their origins in what religion
The influence of medievil Christianity and Islam on religious society
was a way of life that governed people from birth to death
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