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AP Psychology Causation Cause And Effect Relationship Multiple Choice Psychology Terrorism Work Related Stress
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Causation Metaphysics Mind And Body
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Causation Criminal Justice Cross Sectional Survey Introductory Sociology Research Sociology
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Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Causation Determinants Of Health Disability Adjusted Life Years Local Health Department Primary Care Physician Public Health
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Causation Cloward And Ohlin Crime Criminal Justice Criminology General Strain Theory
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Causation Design Linguistics Speech
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Causation Conjugation English/Language Arts 3 (11Th Grade)
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Business Law Causation Civil Law Federal Law Negligence Risk
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What three factors are needed to establish causation?
correlation, time order, and ruling out alternative explanations
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Which of the following questions does a court NOT ask to determine whether the requirement of causation is met?
Was there intent?
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What do you think of Hume’s analysis of causation?
When is one criminally responsible for causation?
If the result would not have occurred but for his conduct, unless the concurrent cause was clearly sufficient to produce the result and the conduct of the actor clearly insufficient.
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What are the three parts to causation?
Covariance- one thing changes with the other Internal validity- any APES? Temporal precedence- Cause before effect
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What are examples of causation?
Intentionally/ Knowingly: kick hit slap poison starve Recklessly/ with criminal negligence: -Leaving individual alone ties in a chair
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Dr. Bellicose found that over 75 percent of adolescents who had committed one or more crimes had parents who were punitive in their discipline study. He concluded that punitive parental discipline is a major cause of adolescent crime. Which of the following is a major flaw in Dr. Bellicose’s conclusion? confuses correlation with causation cohort effects practice effects random assignment
Confuses correlation with causation
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What is the association-causation fallacy?
the incorrect idea that because two variables are associated in time, one must necessarily cause the other
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What is the meaning of the statement “correlation does not imply causation”?
Just because two variables vary in a similar pattern does not mean that changing one variable causes a change in the other.
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What is the only study that can determine causation?
– quantitative experimental design
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