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Buyer Decision Process Marketing Principles Of Marketing
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Buyer Decision Process Buying Decision Process Consumer Buying Behavior Consumer Psychology Online Social Networks
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Which of the following identifies a key difference between the adoption process and the buyer decision process?
The adoption process must involve a new product while the buyer decision process involves a product that already exists.
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Discuss the stages of the consumer buyer decision process and describe how you or your family used this process to make a purchase.
Consumers pass through five stages with every purchase in a considered way. [Buying a family car] Need Recognition: Identifying types of problems and what brought them about [The old car becomes obsolete] Information search: Utilizing information to arrive at a set of final brand choices [Researching a new car] Evaluation of alternatives: Ranks brands and forms purchase intention [Picking brands] Purchase decision: Determined by the attitudes of others and unexpected situational factors [Friends suggesting environmentally friendly cars/kid goes to college so income is reduced] Post Purchase Behavior: Te customer will either be satisfied or dissatisfied resulting in cognitive dissonance