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Business Continuity Planning Data Processing System Effectiveness And Efficiency Material Requirements Planning Public Company Accounting Oversight Board Service Oriented Architecture
AIS accounting Chapter 1 – Flashcards 117 terms
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Acceptable Use Policy Anti Virus Software Business Continuity Planning Credit Card Numbers
Mid2 Chap4 M82 – Flashcards 95 terms
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Acceptable Use Policy Business Continuity Planning Credit Card Numbers Primary Care Regulations Service Level Agreement Software
Chapter 4 security Practice Exams – Flashcards 118 terms
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Applied Sociology Business Continuity Planning Credit Card Numbers Social Security Numbers
Managing Information Systems Chapter 5 35 terms
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Accounting Business Continuity Planning
IFMG Ch 4 132 terms
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Business Continuity Planning Disaster Recovery Plan Roles And Responsibilities
BUSA 462 Final – Flashcards 126 terms
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Business Continuity Planning Critical Success Factors Relational Database Model
ISDS 1102 Forbes LSU Fall ’16 – Flashcards 137 terms
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Business Continuity Planning Click Through Rate Social Engineering Virtual Private Network
MIS 290 Final Flashcards 187 terms
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What are the three business functions an MIS infrastructure supports? A. Supports operations, change, and the environment or sustainability B. Supports operations, customers, and ewaste C. Supports operations, clients, and servers D. Supports information, change, and business continuity planning
A. Supports operations, change, and the environment or sustainability.
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Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)
work hand in hand to provide an organization with the means to continue and recover business operations when a disaster strikes.
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Business continuity planning (BCP) process
Readiness, prevention, response, recovery/resumption
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One of the most important aspects of business continuity planning
Which of the following accurately describes IT contingency planning?
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Business Continuity Planning is interested in ____________ disasters if possible A. avoiding B. recognizing C. reacting to D. planning
Answer Key: A Avoiding
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Business continuity planning (BCP)
Facilitates establishment of operations at an alternate site
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1. Business continuity planning (BCP) and disaster recovery planning
address the preparation, processes, and practices required to ensure the preservation of the organization in the face of major disruptions to normal organization operations.
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Business continuity planning and testing
the process of identifying exposure to threats, creating preventive and recovery procedures, and then testing them to determine if they are sufficient.
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Business Continuity Planning (1.1)
Though many organizations will simply use the phrases Business Continuity Planning (BCP) or Disaster Recovery Planning interchangeably, they are two distinct disciplines. The overarching goal of a BCP is for ensuring that the business will continue to operate before, throughout, and after a disaster event is experienced. The focus of a BCP is on the business as a whole and ensuring that those critical services that the business provides or critical functions that the business regularly performs can still be carried out both in the wake of a disruption and after the disruption has been weathered.
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