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How does a pharmacist determine whether a particular generic drug is suitable as a substitute for a brand name drug?
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Generic drugs are just as effective as brand name drugs in treating seizures
All of the following are true statements concerning generic drugs, except
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Cole has a cold. Although the brand-name drug is more expensive than the generic, he buys the brand-name one. Cole is familiar with the brand-name drug and knows exactly what to expect when taking the drug. Cole chooses the more expensive brand name drug because it has _______. more colorful packaging none are correct more risk less risk
Ans: A Feedback: Bioavailability is the portion of a dose of a drug that reaches the systemic circulation and is available to act on body cells. Binders used in a generic drug may not be the same as those used in the brand name drug. Therefore, the way the body breaks down and uses the drug may differ, which may eliminate a generic drug substitution. Critical concentration is the amount of a drug that is needed to cause a therapeutic effect and should not differ between generic and brand name medications. Distribution is the phase of pharmacokinetics, which involves the movement of a drug to the body’s tissues and is the same in generic and brand
What concept is considered when generic drugs are substituted for brand name drugs? A)Bioavailability B)Critical concentration C)Distribution D)Half-life
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The client says to the nurse, “My wife and I take the same drug, but we have different side effects. Are we doing something wrong?” What is the best response by the nurse? 1. “No. Differences such as your sex can result in different side effects.” 2. “I’ll have to check. What is the name of the drug you were using?” 3. “Possibly. This could happen if one uses generic or brand name drugs.” 4. “I’m not sure. Maybe the drug is not the same; you should check it.”
Correct Answer: 1 Drugs may elicit different responses depending on individual client factors such as age, sex, body mass, health status, and genetics. Asking he client to check a medication is fine, but this does not answer the client’s question. There are differences between some generic and brand name drugs, but this is not the best answer. The nurse should not have to check the drug; basic knowledge should include knowing that the sex of clients can result in different side effects.
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