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Behavioral Risk Factor Dietary Guidelines For Americans Dietary Reference Intakes Disease Prevention And Health Promotion Nutrition
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Artificial Intelligence Behavioral Risk Factor Binge Eating Disorder Black And White Thinking Central Nervous System Stimulant Nutrition And Dietetics Tolerable Upper Intake Level
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Behavioral Risk Factor Birth And Death Community Health Public Health Risk Factors For Heart Disease
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Behavioral Risk Factor Fundamentals Of Epidemiology Prevalence And Incidence Public Health
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Behavioral Risk Factor Center For Disease Control Public Health Statistics
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Behavioral Risk Factor Decision Making Disability Adjusted Life Years Evidence Based Practices Health Media Public Health
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Autonomic Nervous System Behavioral Risk Factor Daily Energy Expenditure Overweight And Obesity Resting Metabolic Rate
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Behavioral Risk Factor Ethical Decision Making Model Hot And Humid Middle Ages Public Health
CH. 2 FHE 35 terms
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Which of the following is NOT a behavior that can cause issues in later life (behavioral risk factor)? a. Being a “couch potato” b. Excessive use of tobacco and/or alcohol. c. Inadequate amount of sleep d. Lack of good coping & communication skills. e. Sitting too close to the TV, especially in a dark room
Sitting too close to the TV, especially in a dark room
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