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Which of the following is a feature of the basal metabolic rate (BMR)?
Pregnancy increases the BMR
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what influences Basal metabolic Rate?
Body temperature Respiration Organ Function Heart Rate
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People become obsessed with water when thirsty and obsessed with food when hungry. This illustrates that activated motives A. dominate consciousness. B. shorten homeostasis. C. increase basal metabolic rate. D. trigger a state of flow.
A. dominate consciousness.
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Which of the following individuals would MOST likely have the lowest basal metabolic rate? a 28-year-old conditioned male athlete a 28-year-old normal weight male a 28-year-old overweight woman a 28-year-old pregnant woman
a 28-year-old overweight woman
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A charge nurse is conducting a nutyritional class for a group of newly licensed nurses regarding basal metabolic rate (BMR). The charge nurse should inform the class that which of the following increases BMR? (Select all that apply). A. Lactation B. Prolonged stress C. Malnutrition D. Puberty E. Exposure to extreme Cold
A, B, D, E. Lactation, Prolonged stress, Puberty and exposure to extreme cold increases BMR. Malnutrition decreases BMR.
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Individuals who go on and off starvation diets multiple times to lose weight will likely end up with A. an increased ability to lose weight each time. B. a decreased ability to lose weight without drugs. C. a lower basal metabolic rate. D. a higher basal metabolic rate.
C. a lower basal metabolic rate.
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basal metabolic rate:
the lowest level of oxygen consumption necessary to sustain life
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Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
The rate at which heat is fiven off by an organism at complete rest.
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Increased basal metabolic rate
Which alteration in metabolism does the nurse expect to find in people with cancer?
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Bed rest is prescribed for a patient during the acute phase of respiratory failure. What is the rationale for the recommendation of bed rest and limitation of other activity in the plan of care? 1 To prevent further alveolar collapse 2 To decrease the basal metabolic rate 3 To promote the clearance of secretions 4 To reduce the cellular demand for oxygen
4- Correct Respiratory failure interferes with ventilation and oxygenation. It is essential to reduce the body’s need for oxygen at the cellular level. Bed rest is an essential and effective means of reducing the need for oxygen. Bed rest and limitation of activity do not prevent alveolar collapse, clear secretions, or decrease the basal metabolic rate. Text Reference – p. 1659
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