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What are the levels of the axillary lymph nodes? a. Level I (low) b. Level II (middle) c. Level III (high)
a. lateral to pectoral minor b. deep to pectoral minor c. medial to pectoral minor In breast cancer, a higher level of involvement has a worse prognosis, but the level of involvement is less important than the # of positive nodes
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axillary lymph nodes drain
upper limb, breast, and skin above umbilicus
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The patient was admitted for chemotherapy for stage IIIA breast (left) cancer. The patient tolerated the chemotherapy regiment with no complications and will return as arranged for cycle 3. Final Diagnosis: Breast cancer, stage IIIA (spread to axillary lymph nodes) Procedure: Chemotherapy via central vein
Z51.11, C50.912, C77.3, 3E04305
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