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Attitudes And Beliefs Business Management Economic Goods And Services Ethical Decision Making Process Ethics Socio Economic Status
Chapter 4. Recognizing Ethical Issues in Technical Communication – Flashcards 23 terms
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Attitudes And Beliefs Beliefs And Values Cultural Values And Norms Introductory Sociology Looking Glass Self Norms And Values Sociology
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Attitudes And Beliefs Linguistics Listening Methods And Techniques New Material
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Attitudes And Beliefs Communications Interpersonal Communication Linguistics
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Attitudes And Beliefs Elimination Half Life Pharmaceutical Sciences Sigmund Freud Social Control Theory The Body Theories
Drugs, Healthy, and Society – Flashcards 50 terms
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Attitudes And Beliefs Audience Analysis Linguistics Specific Purpose Statement
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Which statement best describes the relationship between attitudes and beliefs?
Attitudes include an evaluation of whether something is good or bad, whereas beliefs reflect the perception of whether something is true or false
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When consumers screen out or modify ideas, messages, and information that conflict with previously learned attitudes and beliefs, this is called:
selective perception
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In regards to advocacy competencies, which of the following statements is FALSE? a)Ethical practice requires counselors to assume an advocacy role that is focused on affecting public opinion, public policy, and legislation. b)Practitioners need to develop an awareness of their own beliefs and attitudes regarding social issues and marginalized populations, the scope of their knowledge, and their level of skill at intervening within the different domains of advocacy. c)Multicultural competence is essential in understanding the cultural relevance and appropriateness of advocacy interventions as counselors bring their own attitudes and beliefs to the sociopolitical history of their communities. d)Counselors who have a social justice advocacy perspective demonstrate minimal leadership abilities and do not understand the importance of speaking out.
Counselors who have a social justice advocacy perspective demonstrate minimal leadership abilities and do not understand the importance of speaking out.
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The audience holds attitudes and beliefs about the topic similar to the speaker’s but needs direction in taking action / the audience feels the same about the topic as the speaker / the audience disagrees with the speaker’s position and is likely to encounter opposing information in the future.
A persuasive speech topic is most appropriate when
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Exposure to _______ promotes learning in a variety of contexts, understanding of different attitudes and beliefs, and a global skill that employers are looking for in college graduates.
Selective __________ is defined as paying attention to messages that are consistent with one’s attitudes and beliefs and ignoring messages that are inconsistent.
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