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Artists And Writers Edgar Allan Poe John Philip Sousa Multiple Choice Music Appreciation Whole Tone Scale
Ch. 49 – Flashcard 22 terms
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Artists And Writers English/Language Arts 2 (10Th Grade) History of Europe Holbein The Younger Jan Van Eyck World History World History And Geography
The Northern renaissance quiz – Flashcards 16 terms
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Artists And Writers Dow Jones Industrial Average First Inaugural Address History of the Americas National Labor Relations Act New York Stock Exchange President Herbert Hoover Securities Exchange Commission United States History-Other
Apush Unit 7 Questions And Answers – Flashcards 31 terms
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Artists And Writers Elements Of Art
Texes Art EC watercolor 22 terms
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Artists And Writers Country And Western Creative Problem Solving Educational Technology Problems That Arise Theory And Research Vincent Van Gogh Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Elementary Visual and Performing Arts Methods – Flashcards 19 terms
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In the postwar period, disillusionment influenced the work of many artists and writers, prompting them to question and examine
the purpose of art. human progress. (the meaning of life.) war’s inevitability.
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Outline 13 – Expansion and Imperialism 1 Q5: Describe the responses that artists and writers had to the West and Western landscape in the mid- to late 19th century. How did their work shape perceptions of the West in the East?
Rocky Mountain School -Painted pictures of what the West looked like -Shows freedom and wildness of the West -Painted and symbolized the West via the Rocky Mountains Dime Novels -Heroic cowboy stories -Idea of cowboys and cowboy culture arising -Free/can live the way they want Wild West Shows -Took people in other parts of the country to the “West” so they could have an image of what the West was like -Depicted the dramas of frontier life in the Native American horse races, buffalo hunts, and battle scenes East saw them as free and full of adventure, and was seen as a place for opportunity for those seeking to improve their conditions and have economic opportunities. Artists and writers were working to create an image of what the west really looked like by making it look like a desirable place to live. They worked to promote the west and selling the fantasy of living there. These works helped to create the image of the cowboy by making it seem like it was a fun life to live. This was created by Wild West Shows and Buffalo Bill. These shows slowly started to move towards the East.
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The earliest practitioners of modernism were artists and writers from:
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The earliest harbingers of modernism were artists and writers from:
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